Friday, November 4, 2011

around here this week

  • Another Friday. Another week gone by. I imagine they are going to continue going by swiftly through the end of the year.
  • Car shopping + test-driving with two kids blows. End of story.
  • The blog passed 50,000 hits! Mostly thanks to Pinterest. Bloggers, did you know this trick?
  • I've been getting happy mail every day this week! Christmas gifts, scrapbooking supplies + more. Love the sight + sound of that big brown truck driving by.
  • I am hoarding Bailey's coffee creamer. The stuff flies off the shelf around here + I buy it when I can.
  • Morgan + Parker have been playing together a lot. Very well for the most part. Lots of "Parker, do you want to play in my room?" Of course, Parker's response to everything is "Yeah!" I absolutely love hearing laughter coming from wherever they are playing. There are some not-so-nice moments too, but I can usually convince Morgan that Parker is little and doesn't understand such-and-such, and I need her to be a good big sister and come get me when she needs help (instead of screaming NO!), so we can teach Parker together to be nice and play nice. Explaining to her that she is my 'bestest helper' usually does the trick.
  • I reincarnated my Google Reader + added a handful of new blogs to read. I seem to go in phases with adding blogs, then simplifying again and purging 75% of them.
  • I am incredibly excited to start Project Life next year. I should be receiving my page protectors + dividers tomorrow. I need to resist the urge to put it all together until after I get the other projects on my counter finished.
  • There is a large amount of candy wrappers in the garbage. Mostly from me.
  • I'm starting to collect some really great holiday ideas for Thanksgiving + Christmas. Just another reason I [heart] Pinterest.
  • I'm wondering how the kids are going to respond to the time change on Sunday...
  • My to-do list is longer than ever, but I've been able to tackle a good portion of it after lunch when Parker naps and Morgan gets some quiet time in her room. A reward chart + Dora stickers seem to be doing the trick to ward of any crankies from her (+ me).
  • Thank you for the enthusiasm about the Etsy shop. I'm still plugging along with the details. Watch for a little giveaway next week to celebrate my 500th post and the grand opening!
This weekend : Mark has grand plans around the house and I want to finish prepping my December Daily shell. I need to brainstorm holiday card ideas, make wish lists for the kids + go through last year's advent book collection and see what I should replace or replenish. I'm hoping to fit in a trip to the cider mill, a fire in the fireplace + some snuggling on the couch so I can catch up on this week's shows. What are you doing this weekend?


  1. Ditto to the candy wrappers in the garbage and wondering how the kids are going to react to the time change. I also need to look for holiday card ideas and HOPE to get some relaxing in (oh and did I mention I still have about a good hour of weeding to do?? {cringe}). Hope to catch up soon..

  2. I can just see Morgan asking Parker to play and his response. too cute BTW, I love the gumdrop turkeys!