Friday, October 21, 2011

up + at 'em

TGIF, peeps! I'm feeling surprisingly chipper this morning. Maybe because it's Friday. Maybe because I'm looking forward to good things happening this weekend. Maybe because the thoughts + dreams that have been keeping me awake at night are starting to come together. Here's more :

This week : Morgan has a Halloween costume. Parker does not. Yet. Morgan has glittery purple nails for tomorrow (good choice!) and Parker pushed through tooth #10. Santa has been busy rounding up gifts for the two super good kids in this house and now (s)he needs a really good hiding spot. And, as far as completed layouts go, I can officially say that Parker's first year album is done. I do, however, need to have a couple of digital ones printed. My hope in the near future is to share the entire thing in video form. And maybe Morgan's too. Other than seeing it in person, I think that will be the best way to show it off. We'll see if I can pull it off. Like I said, it's a 'hope.'

Next week : I've got five layouts from that album ready to post on the blog. That's all I'll be blogging about next week. They are actually already scheduled, one a day, because I am going to focus my energy on either talking myself into (or out of) opening an etsy shop. I really want to have a one-on-one conference with my better half about it. Other than the logistics of starting this new venture, I need to decide if I have the courage + the support + the time to do it. I have been thinking about it forever. I just never knew what I wanted to make. Now, I have a really good idea where to start. Very exciting + nerve wracking at the same time. Thoughts? Advice? Encouragement? Am I nuts?

Today : my email box has been neglected this week so I'm hoping to go through that during quiet time. I have a couple simple little Halloween crafts I'd like to do with the kids today because Morgan has been dying to 'decorate'. And I have a to-do list to type. It's that serious!

Holy cow, I think I see sun! Have a great Friday + weekend.


  1. Yes on the Etsy shop (if you have the time, that is!). Please share the Halloween crafts (not that I can do them with the boys now, but for future!). I'm hoping to do the ghost feet one with the boys this weekend. Have an awesome weekend and thanks for sharing that link on FB. I'm *hoping* to put my craft area together this weekend and hopefully can put some serious time into crafting in the near future..(as long as I get my not-so-fun chore of weeding done before it snows - ha!)

  2. Thanks sis! We did the ghost feet this morning! Just waiting for them to dry so we can add the googly eyes. :)

    Can't wait to see your craft space. You have so much room to spread out! But weeding, ick!

  3. Yes on the etsy shop!! I was just telling my mom we have to do that after I have the baby and stay at home. There is so much cool stuff on that site and crafty creative people like you should be able to have a successful shop. I haven't looked into all of the requirements but I'd love to read/chat about this venture if you decide to do it. Good luck!!!