Friday, October 14, 2011

Parker's first year album : proud papa

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Sharing another layout from Parker's album today.

Journaling reads : I saw a cute idea on the internet to stamp your new baby's footprints on the daddy's shirt. I remembered a t-shirt, but forgot the inkpad, so Grandma Frahm + Aunt Kristin got one for us. Before your first bath, Daddy stamped your feet perfectly over his heart.

Mark still had the t-shirt he stamped Parker's footprints on that day and said I could put it in his album. I cut the sleeves off and trimmed it down (using just the front of the shirt), wrapped it over white chipboard and slipped it into a 12x12 page protector opposite this layout. When I eventually post the complete album, you'll get to see it in context then.

Thanks for looking!

Today : we are hitting up the local fire department open house this morning and I need to pack a couple of bags and prepare to (fingers crossed) finish Parker's first year album this weekend. I am cropping with my mom and Kristin and am ready to be done with this project. The end of October is fast approaching and if I remember correctly, it's just about time to start thinking about a December Daily album. Eck!

Have a happy and creative weekend! 

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  1. very sweet! Can't wait to see the whole album! I only have like 3 pages done in Drew's! UGH!