Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween recap

Just a few more photos from tonight, pre-trick-or-treating :
Since Morgan's first Halloween we've gone over to our friends, Kevin + Erika's house, to adopt their neighborhood on Halloween night, because trick or treating is a little lame in our 'hood for really young kids. It would be lots of walking. And probably whining. 

The trick or treating tonight was fun (and plentiful)! In the beginning, Parker was taking candy out of his basket and trying to give it out. He eventually caught on and loved when he got to choose his own piece. By mid-way through the night he was saying "treat-treat" but never with good timing. Usually on the sidewalk on the way to the next house. As for Morgan, she wasn't shy with the nice + loud 'trick or treat's, or the 'thank you's. But, she wasn't much of a fan of having to wait, or share a porch with other kids. Her pail was getting so heavy for her that I was carrying it at the end.

We have way too much candy in this house. Oy!
Hope you all had a nice Halloween too!

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  1. Sounds like they had fun. Love that last picture of Parker!