Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Fun Day

On Saturday, we took the kids to downtown Farmington for a little trick-or-treating at the stores during their Halloween Fun Day. Morgan was pretty confused why were were trick-or-treating during the day and finally we had convinced her that this was like practice for Monday.
Parker was a knight (I so wish he had a matching hood - not like he would keep it up though) and for weeks, Morgan said she wanted to be Foofa again. What kind of lame mom would I have been if I let her wear last year's costume? Finally, she told us she wanted to be a monkey. Easy enough. I'm still so surprised she didn't want a ballerina/princess/Strawberry Shortcake-type costume. :) There were so many adorable Strawberry Shortcake (and friends) costumes on the streets downtown and she loved them too, but was still very happy being a monkey. "Maybe when I get a little bigger I can be Strawberry Shortcake" she'd say. :)
Of course they are only 3 and 1, but Morgan and Parker are SOOOO not fans of scary costumes. Especially masks. Frankenstein and gorillas topped the list as most frightening for them and they both gripped on to Mark and I for dear life as we walked by.
They got a nice little stash of candy to munch on and they are very excited for tonight's festivities!

In other news : the Etsy shop is a go! Last week, I got a big chunk of the details figured out, including choosing a shop name, putting together ideas of what to sell, and so much more. Man, last week flew by! My first item is in the works and I'm hoping to be open for business with a handful of goodies in the next couple weeks. Slow, but sure...

Plus, my 500th post is approaching. Perhaps a giveaway is in order?


  1. Love the costumes! And pictures, especially the last one. Very excited to hear and see more about the Etsy shop!!!!!!!

  2. They are so adorable. Good Luck with your Etsy shop.

  3. Way cute! Funny about Morgan saying she could be strawberry shortcake when she is older. Cant wait to hear about your shop and see what you are selling!