Monday, October 17, 2011

Field Trip : Fire Station Open House

Last Friday, I took Morgan + Parker to our local fire station for an open house. Last week was Fire Prevention Week - if you didn't know. Here are some photos from our tour :
Parker was SO not interested in having his picture taken with his sister,
so she did it solo instead.
There's a better picture together. Morgan was not a fan of the wind.

Inside one of our city's big fire trucks!
Morgan LOVED Sparky the Fire Dog. Parker liked him from afar. She even got a tattoo of him on her hand.
And a hug!
After sitting through a presentation on kitchen + fire safety, they earned their own little fire helmets! Parker's response? "Yee-haw!"
Funny story of the day : We watched an extraction demonstration outside (the firefighters used tools, like the Jaws of Life, to get an auto accident victim out of a car whose doors were inoperable) and although one of the firefighters was giving an explaination of what was happening/what they were doing, Morgan, my very inquisitive 3-year-old, was asking a lot of questions. 'Why are they using a dummy?' 'Why aren't they using a real person?' 'Why did they break the windows?' 'Why are they cutting the car?' 'Why is it so loud?' 'Why are they putting him on that board?'

After the demo was over, we watched the firefighters clean up and put their tools away. She asked, 'aren't they going to fix the car?' I tried to explain to her that it was important for the firemen to get the man out of the car, so they can make sure he isn't hurt after the car accident. People are more important than things, like cars. 'Well, who is going to fix the car?' Goofy kid.

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  1. Love this--especially the pics with Sparky! And her concern about the car. :)