Monday, October 10, 2011

Brain Dump Monday

Happy Monday to you! Is everyone loving this weather, or what? This is just part of the brain-full of thoughts I've had the past few days :

Paper Source is opening a store in Birmingham later this year. Very, very exciting! And very cool that Kelley, a friend + the owner of The Scrapbook Zone, is going to be the store manager. I can't wait to shop there.

Mark + I are thinking about what car to buy to replace our soon-to-be expire lease on our Subaru Forester (which has been my favorite car ever). Yes, we could just buy it, but we would really love something with a third row. Any suggestions? Foreign or domestic. Minivans not excluded.

Been thinking about what my next bite will be. I need to write about bite 02 and post later this week.

Mark did a lot of work in the yard last weekend (and a lot of sketching of backyard landscape plans). It is nearly a blank slate here. Now we just need to figure out what to do with it...within our budget.

Kal opened her ARTSHOP last Friday. So many amazing + inspiring pieces. This is my favorite.

I bought my first pair of Keens last weekend. And finally convinced Mark to get an REI membership. Their sale pretty much covered the cost of the one-time membership fee and I sold him on it. :)

I am completely addicted to Chicago-style hot dogs. So delish!

The Paislee Press 2012 Calendar Kit will be available tomorrow. Go here to leave a comment on Liz's for a chance to win it. I'm thinking these would make really nice gifts!

I made no-bake cookies (yum) + took another stab at a pumpkin spice latte recipe. It got rave reviews, but I wasn't a fan. :(

Loving what is coming out of the kids mouths lately :
  • Morgan : "Mommy, I don't want to get old. I want to be 3 forever."
  • Parker (when asked things like 'do you want a snack?' or 'do you want to go outside?') : "yeah, I do!" I love love love hearing his little voice. 
This week :  our fire department is having an open house on Friday. I'm very excited to take the kids to see the big, red trucks and learn about fire safety. I need to see what is going on around the city and beyond for Halloween activities. Morgan needs a haircut and I am expecting a box from Becky Higgins. Well, not from her, but it's a box of her stuff. So excited!

Have a great week!


  1. Val mentioned Paper Source to me. I'd love to check it out once it opens! Morgan's quote is awesome...don't we all wish we could be 3 and not have any adult responsibilities? Enjoy the beautiful day!

  2. I love Chicago Style hot dogs. They rock!

  3. I LOVE getting fun mail. Lucky you!