Tuesday, September 27, 2011

preschool fun : apple theme

This month, Morgan and I have been following bits + pieces of the preschool curriculum at Preschool Palace. Their website is full of free printables and project ideas to do with your preschool aged children and we especially loved the craft projects. Here are pictures of our apple-themed favorites from September :
Apple smiles : apple slices (lips) with peanut butter (gums) + mini marshmellows (teeth). Morgan LOVES these!
Stamping with apple halves
Making edible jewelry with Apple Jacks : great for fine motor skills and teaching about patterns
Orange, orange, green. Orange, orange, green. Morgan insisted on counting them too. We've been practicing the teens. She made (and ate) a necklace + bracelet.
And Mommy made her a fancy ring. :)
Painted apple tree : the trunk is her arm (elbow to wrist). She made the leaves with her hand, the grass with her fingers and the apples with her fingertips.

I am looking forward to seeing the activities for October. Plus, I'm hoping to make some fun Halloween themed crafts + snacks for Morgan + Parker next month. Any ideas to share?


  1. Love the crafts--especially the jewelry. :)

  2. LOVE LOVE! Such a pretty ring you made her too! =) I can't stop thinking about that ghost activity with painted white feet turned upside down. I might get courageous and do that with the boys...as a Happy Halloween 2011 thing!

  3. I make Pumpkin Pudding with my first graders...it is a super easy recipe that they can do themselves. We use the Libby's premade pumpkin pie mix and powdered vanilla pudding. They can measure and mix all by themselves....BIG STUFF! ;)

  4. Kristin, yes! I want to do the ghost feet too.

    Kris, pumpkin pudding sounds fun! Morgan has been all about helping in the kitchen lately. ;) Thanks for the idea!