Wednesday, September 14, 2011

practice makes better

First of all, thank you for ALL of the sweet comments on my Scrapbook on the Road yesterday! You are too kind.
I am love love loving Kal's SCRIPTschool class. Sad that today is the last day but I'm so excited to get time to sit and practice some more. 'Practice makes better', Kal says. You can say that again. Morgan sat with me yesterday for 2 hours, coloring and painting and talking about making art. I love that she enjoys crafts and projects as much as her mama!
Yesterday morning we went out into the backyard to check out our tomatoes and cucumbers. We have an insane number of cherry tomatoes but these are the only ones that have turned red. I don't know if we are just going to have really late tomatoes or if they are going to pitter out and not ripen.
Parker is such a little stinker. He will hardly go near their little kiddie pool when we are outside to play in the water. He just likes to hang out around it and dip his hands in. But, if he is fully clothed, well then he feels the need to dunk his arms in, scoop water out and stomp in the puddles. Then he saw me picking tomatoes and came over, picked a few green ones and tossed them in the pool. Along with a few big rocks for good measure.
In the meantime, Morgan was busy constructing a 'bunny nest.' In her pajamas. :)
I've been getting really lucky with selling what remains of our big baby gear on Craigslist. We've been teased in the past by friends who thought it was insane that we spent $500 on a stroller but - at over 3 years old - I sold it a few weeks ago for $350! Sweet huh? A super nice stay-at-home mom came over yesterday to snag up what was left from my listings and her little girl played with Parker while her and I chatted. Not the typical Craigslist transaction, that's for sure. It's not so freaky scary when you are dealing with other moms.

This weekend, I'm getting together with my mom and Kristin for our monthly craft + chat session. I feel like it's been forever since we've talked/I've seen them. I'm not sure I'm going to get much done this time - the longer we are apart, there tends to be more chatting than crafting! Maybe I'll look ambitious and pack what is left to complete of Parker's baby album. Excited nonetheless!

Today : the to-do list is light. We need to make a run to The Depot, as Morgan says, for paint rollers and hooks so I can work on my craft area. Maybe tonight? Other than that, we are just flying by the seat of our pants. Happy times ahead!


  1. Sounds like you and Morgan had a very enjoyable craft time yesterday. :) On a different note, what is a bunny nest? I had to laugh a little at Parker's actions. So typical--you're right, little stinker. :) Cannot wait for Saturday myself!

  2. VERY excited about Saturday's "chatting" session. Yes, I will be bringing my crafts to do, but you know how that goes. Way to go on the great sell of the stroller too! Miss seeing the kids..hopefully all of us can get together soon too!

  3. Mom, apparently a bunny nest is a mixture of sand, grass clippings and water. ;)