Thursday, September 22, 2011

Parker's first year album : ready or not

Parker's first year scrapbook is coming along nicely. I probably only have a handful of layouts that need to be added or completed. It's a good feeling to get such a big project finished! Today I want to share the opening page to his scrapbook. I was sitting on this one for a long time because I wanted to add a zigzag stitch between the photo and journaling. I finally tackled it on Tuesday. Not too bad for my first try.
Portions of the journaling are taken from this post-Parker blog post. You can click the layout to enlarge or read here below : 

I waited as long as I could for you to come all on you own, but at 5 days past your due date, Daddy and I walked into Providence Park Hospital in Novi on Monday, June 7, 2010 at 10am to begin preparing for your arrival. Everyone at the hospital was incredibly nice - answering all of my questions and explaining how everything was going to go down in the next few hours. They started me on IV fluids and Daddy and I tried to relax in our room. Soon, Grandma Frahm and Aunt Kristin arrived. Grandma Goulding was there. And later, Grandpa Reaves. Nurses and doctors were in and out for the next couple hours and around noon we got the go ahead to start getting ready to move down to the hall to the operating room.

I'll always remember the time we entered the operating room. One of the nurses announced '12:17' as we passed through the double doors. I watched everyone prepare for the surgery - dressing in double layers of scrubs, counting clamps and laying out blankets in the bassinet for your arrival. It was nice to be so alert and rested. I even scooted over onto the operating table all on my own. I felt like I was watching from the outside in. They weren't about to slice me open. It was surreal, but very exciting.

In came the anesthesiologist and his nurses to give me a spinal. Shortly after, the sheet went up between my head and my chest and the doctors started doing their thing. Mommy's belly was pretty big and they started making bets on your size. I remember saying I hope you aren't 10 pounds. Oh my! I was very happy to not have my arms tied down this time too. I was so anxious to hold you and touch you. Then, Daddy came into the operating room and sat at my head and we waited.

Not long after that, all I heard was "oh my gosh", "wow!" and several other exclamations of shock. At 12:47pm, you arrived and the doctors said you were huge! Big head, big feet and big hands. And boy did you have a big cry. Grandma Goulding told me later that she could hear you all the way down the hall in the waiting room. Your Apgar scores were 9 and 9. And best of all, my only request was made and I got to hold you and kiss you almost right away.

Thanks for looking! More layouts to come.

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  1. Glad you got the sewing machine out. I always liked the idea of sewing on paper. And I remember that day so well! Best of all, you weren't all worn out before surgery.