Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Parker : 15 months

Height : 33 1/4"
Weight : 23.8 pounds

Parker's 15 month checkup was this morning and all is well! He hardly shed a tear over his vaccinations too. Now that I've had a chance to look back at his 12 month stats - I'm not so sure how accurate that height is. Almost a 3 inch growth spurt in 3 months!?!? Anyways, here is more on what is going on the his world :

You are incredibly happy. And you have the most fantastic laugh!

You point to yourself and say "mama". I laugh. Sometimes Morgan is mama too. I'm working on getting you to point to me as "mama." :)

You are taking one 3-hour nap after lunch. It took a little while to get you to transition from two naps but we've been smooth sailing for several weeks now. You love your nap!

You climb and stand on everything. Chairs, the couch, the coffee table, Morgan's stool at the sink and toilet. I'm certain one day I will find you up on the kitchen counter or table. You give me a mini heart attack every day.

You wear 18 month clothes and size 7 shoes.

You love to see Daddy come through the door after work and run to beat Morgan for the first hug. You are affectionate and offer lots of slobbery kisses to everyone. You love to see pictures of your family.

You are talking and babbling a lot. They aren't all perfect, or clear (we know what you are saying), but they include : mama, dada, hi, bye, Parker (pa-pa), uh-oh, ball, bubble, EIEIO (from Old Macdonald), yeah, cheese, hot, apple, tree, shoe and words that sound like (or are at least being used in the right context) please and thank you. Lots of yes and no head shaking too.

You point at everything. You love to dance, wave, clap and stomp. You don't walk. You run. You are getting good at pushing yourself around on Morgan's Radio Flyer bike. You are a champion tantrum thrower.

You are good at using a fork. Not so good with a spoon.

You love being sung to and have started to 'sing' back. One of my favorites is when you make the hand movements for 'down came the rain' in Itsy Bitsy Spider. I also love how you say "hush" during Goodnight Moon.

You cover your ears when we play peekaboo.

You have 9 teeth.You drool constantly but don't seem to be that bothered by your swollen gums.

You love cars, trucks (especially garbage trucks) and airplanes.

You insist on having my attention at some of the most inconvenient times. You are especially fond of standing between me and whatever I'm doing - like sitting or standing on my feet while I'm making meals and snacks.

You have a new found love of dip, particularly ranch with carrots.

You always have something in your hands and scream bloody murder if it's something you really shouldn't have and we take it away. I usually just let you have it and keep my eye on you. You are a tinkerer and love to see how things work and fit together.

You have become quite attached to your blankie and recently started pulling it out of your crib and carrying it around with you.

You adore gadgets - especially phones and cameras. You also like accessories like sunglasses and hats. You love to wear Morgan's bike helmet.

You enjoy being outside and hate seeing someone walk out the door without you. Our first camping trip with you was right up your alley

Next appointment in 3 months.

Today : the house is cool and I refuse to turn the heat on. Parker is about to collapse for his nap and Morgan and I are going to have a little spa party complete with manicures, pedicures and smoothies. Time to fill up the foot baths. Later!


  1. Aww! He is such a big boy now. He is so similar to Max...they would have a good ol' time together!

  2. Love the picture and all the updates! Such a happy little boy. Got to admit I'm a bit jealous of the spa party. :) Can't wait to see all of you.

  3. Awesome updates. He is growing so fast!! And yes definitely jealous of the spa party. After today I could really use a trip to the spa!! Can't wait to see you all soon!!