Friday, August 12, 2011

The Completed Week in the Life 2011 Album

It's done! Below is my entire Week in the Life 2011 album. Enlarge the photos to see them in more detail.
I am using an 8 1/2" x 11" American Crafts corduroy modern album for my 2011 One Little Word and Week in the Life - since neither project by itself would fill an album.

You can see details of the date accents on each daily opening page here. The orange accent paper in the baseball card page protector is KI Memories lace cardstock. Other patterned papers in the album are from the Basic Grey Recess line.
I love how Ali customizes her page protectors to the size she needs by trimming and sewing them. I haven't yet mastered that technique so I just used a 6x12 page protector, cut the top 1 inch off and re-punched new binder/album holes. These worked perfectly for days that I had more to show or extra stories to tell.
I used Ali's Week in the Life Layered Templates from last year (2010) for my daily opening page and photo collage. 
I also used her 2010 journal cards.
My 'extra page' for Tuesday was to write a little bit about each of us and what our life is like right now. I typed the text in Word and printed it out on 4x6 index cards. I didn't really pay much attention to the text not lining up perfectly on each line. The page protector is another 6x12 that is divided to hold 3 - 4x6 photos. I trimmed the top 4x6 space off and re-punched new binder holes so it aligned with the other page protectors.
I used the journal cards throughout the album, not just in the baseball card divided pages, but also to make little notes on photos and ephemera. Sometimes I just had a few words to say and then I trimmed off the bottom blank portion.
I love this enlarged photo of Morgan and I.
For these 6x11 enlargements and collages, I just created a 12x12 canvas in Photoshop and added the photos on each half. For example, for this day I had the enlargement of Morgan and I on the left side of the 12x12 and on the right side was the three photos of Morgan and Parker playing. After the prints arrived I just cut the photo down the middle to create two separate pages. I jammed as many photos on a 12x12 as I could to keep printing costs down. Every little inch counts!
The extra page on Thursday was simply a 6x6 page protector for 2 extra photos. No extra hole punching required. This size fits just fine in this larger album.
I was pretty impressed with how this Instagram photo of Morgan swinging turned out enlarged to 6x6. I haven't seen them much larger than 3x3 or so - so I was a little bit worried about it being blurry. No problems though. Looks nice!
We started to do a little fall clothes shopping for the kids today and I included the plastic tab from the hanger that shows the clothing size on a journal card. Just a little reminder of how big (or how small) they are right now.
A grocery ad and my grocery list are in today's 6x11.
It's the end of the month. Time to change my contacts. I included the foil top off my new contacts in today's spread. If you can read my prescription - yes, I have wicked horrible vision.
I had a really hard time narrowing down the photos for Sunday but I didn't have a lot of options within the 8 1/2" x 11" size. I ended up customizing a 12x12 page protector that holds 6 - 4x6 photos. I trimmed off the top 2 4x6 sections and punched new binder holes. Then I folded the page protector in half vertically to make a crease.
When open, this page is obviously wider than the album, but it was a nice way to include a series of photos that I didn't want to leave out for today. And it's not a big deal when the album is closed because you just fold it back in before turning the page. It's so easy to just slip in a few 4x6 photos and add a journal card. Done! I punched a file folder tab and attached it to the inside edge as a reminder to open up the page protector to see more.
I love how Ali does her closing pages - I had to include one of my own.
Here is the finished album. My Week in the Life fills just over half of the rings - I removed my One Little Word layouts for this photo. When I put them back in this afternoon, the album is nice and full! But there's plenty of room for the next 4 months of prompts. Love a big fat scrapbook!
My thoughts : I love it. It's such an involved project but I'm so happy I stuck with it, endured many late nights and finally followed through and finished it. And I have a nice little album to show for it. Third time is a charm. This is a project I will look forward to in the years to come. I've added my photos to the Week in the Life Flickr group too, if you want to see how other people have put their albums together.

As for now, I'm looking forward to cleaning up and organizing my supplies and getting ready for the next project. As a reward to myself for finishing my Week in the Life album, I purchased Ali's Scrapbook on the Road self-paced workshop. My next scrapbook project is to make a little travel album for our upcoming camping trip. Our first vacation as a family of four - camping with a one and three-year-old. Definitely going to be worth documenting.

Thanks for peeking at my album. I hope I covered everything - shoot me a question in the comments if I forgot something. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wow Nicole. This is amazing! I feel like I could comment on everything because it all has little awesome touches here and there. I especially like how you did that fold over page protector part with Morgan jumping through the sprinkler. Well done!!

  2. It's fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing, and giving me the boost I need to finish mine up!

  3. Awesome album! Love how you put in even the newpapers, artwork, and all!

  4. Looks great Nicole! I can't wait to do mine! I'm waiting until September though. The last time I did it was in Sept. pre-Drew and I want to have the two to compare how life has changed. :) I'll def. be checking back here for inspiration when I do it! Thanks!

  5. This is lovely to look at, and what a great idea to include some of your children's artwork! I am sure you and they will love looking back at this in years to come!

  6. Love, love, love it! Looks like you covered all the bases. Your customized page protector is genius. Can't wait to see the album.

  7. Hey Nicole. It's been so long since I've looked at your blog, but was not surprised to see another well done album. I love it!! You are just awesome and there is not much more to say!