Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week in the Life : Day Two

photos taken : 109 (narrowed down to 73)
stores visited : 4
money spent : $33.37
bottles of Bailey's Irish Cream coffee creamer purchased : 3

Here are the photos + highlights from our day : Tuesday, July 26, 2011 :
7:06 am : first peek at the clock. The kids are still asleep. I think I'll stay in bed too. I was up twice last night - once with each kid - and I'm feeling it this morning.

7:37 am : Morgan climbs into bed. She looks sleepy. Maybe she'll fall back asleep?

7:53 am : "Mommy, will you play with me?" I ask "what do you want to play?" Morgan says "Legos. I want to build a house and a farmers market." First mommy needs to get dressed.

8:20 am : Parker is awake. Get both kids dressed and change their sheets (my Tuesday chore). Morgan only wants to wear a shirt. Typical. Eat breakfast.

Rest of the morning : Dora. Playing. Morgan is parading around the house with her backpack. Weather is perfect. Ran errands to Plum Market + Meijer. Talked to mom. Made plans for her to visit on Thursday.

Noon : back at home. Parker is still wide awake so I bust a move and make lunch. Parker is asleep by 12:40.

Afternoon : play 'school' - another round of 'how do you spell this? how do you spell that?', then mommy and Morgan quiet time. Laundry. Hung up clothes. Noticed another flower has bloomed on our orchid. Dance party in the bedroom. Talked to Kristin. Snacks. Coloring.

4:15 pm : Parker is awake. Actually, I had to wake him up. More errands. I am on a manhunt for Bailey's coffee creamer so we go to another Meijer (found it!) and Target to replace Morgan's missing sunglasses (no luck). Also bought bread for french toast.

5:45 pm : return home and Mark texted that he is on his way home. Prep dinner (cheesy chicken rolls) and make my first batch of Pioneer Woman's iced coffee while it's baking.

6:45 pm : eat dinner. Watch Morgan sneak more strawberries off the kitchen counter. Fine by me - I've been buying way too much fruit. Clean up the kitchen with Mark. Start dishwasher.

7:30 pm : bath for Morgan and Parker.

8 pm : Mark takes Parker to bed. Morgan and I chill out and read in her room. She is overly emotional and tired and won't admit it. Potty, brush teeth, talk about what we should do tomorrow, kisses, zzz.

Rest of the evening : turn off the air and open the windows - ahh! I watered our tomatoes and cucumbers while Mark prepared for a presentation tomorrow. He changed into his Red Wings jersey in support of his favorite hockey player's announcement to retire today. Start a load of laundry and mop a sticky lemonade spill on the kitchen floor. Sit down.


  1. Awfully cute pics. Especially the one in the bathtub and of Morgan sneaking strawberries. Who can get mad when a kid is sneaking fruit, ya know?

  2. Oh that bathtub photo is priceless!! loving all of your self time photos too :)

  3. 7:53 "Mommy, will you play with me?" How cute! Ditto on the bathtub pic.