Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week in the Life : Day Three

photos taken : 74 (narrowed down to 59)
number of times we had to tell Parker to sit down : I lost count at 52
changes in plans : 2
number of books Morgan and I read : 7

Here are the photos + highlights from our day : Wednesday, July 27, 2011 :
6:30 am : Mark leaves early for work. He spent most of the day in Grand Rapids.

7:07 am : check email and facebook on iPhone. Morgan arrives in our room and our first conversation is about her desire to have a motorcycle. Later she corrects herself and says she wants a car like Brody. Get dressed.

8 am : Morgan watches Super Why while I get Parker up and dressed. Make french toast for breakfast. Filter coffee that was sitting overnight and make a note to look into composting. The coffee smells delish!

9 am : move piles around and fold some towels while Morgan and Parker play. The rest of the morning is spent getting a handful of groceries at Kroger and returning + borrowing more books at the library.

noon : lunch - pb+j, carrots, cucumbers + dip for me. Morgan has mac + cheese, a plum and veggies. Parker has hummus on a tortilla, a plum and yogurt. Parker is begging for a nap and is asleep at 12:30.

Morgan and I had a long quiet afternoon together. The weather was not what I thought it was going to be today - cloudy and cool-ish - so we didn't go to the splash pad after Parker's nap. While he slept, we colored, Morgan did a bunch of pages from her preschool workbook while I paid some bills and balanced the checkbook. We read her new library books (all at least twice!) : Curious George Goes to the Beach, Cat the Cat, Who is That? and Time to Sleep, Sheep the Sheep. Plus, a couple potty breaks and a dozen horsey rides before Parker woke up.

4 pm : it's sprinkling outside but we ran up to the mailbox and grabbed today's mail. I got a Shutterfly order I placed last weekend - photos for Parker's first year album - yeah! The kids played outside for a while and mommy watched from the garage. After we came inside I opened up my photo package and pulled a few out. I finished two scrapbook layouts while Parker played with his cars and Morgan 'scrapbooked' with her paper and stickers.

5:30 pm : Mark texts - he is leaving work. Wishing he could leave at 4:30 every once in a while, like he is supposed to.  :(  Start picking up around the house and prepping dinner.

6:30 pm : Mark tends the grill. Dinner is grilled chicken, noodles and corn on the cob.

The rest of the evening gets pushed back a bit because of a late dinner but the kids are happy (check plus!). Parker is in bed at 8:30 and I clean the bathrooms (my Wednesday chore) and take a shower. After putting her hair in a braid because she doesn't like it in her face tonight, Morgan and I share hugs and kisses and Mark takes her to bed at 9. Then, the usual - computer/tv time, Mark watched Hancock, I catch up on emails and blogs, listen to the thunderstorm.


  1. Love the picture of you and your little girl at the table working together, so cute! Love to see what everyone is posting this week, being a new blogger...this is so fun!!!

  2. You are getting some great pictures. Love em!

  3. These are so cool. I love that shot in the kids room of the reading nook. I'd like to try something similar in my little boys' room. My favorite pic would have to be the Goodnight Moon shot. I have to admit it made me a bit misty!

  4. oh...we had one of those stools in the bathroom back when there were littles running around! beautiful photos:)

  5. You've got so many sweet pictures here! Love the angles you use to capture the moment! Nice job!