Saturday, July 30, 2011

Week in the Life : Day Six

photos taken : 64 (narrowed down to 37)
number of hours of sleep I got last night : 4
number of iced coffee's I drank : 2
number of times Morgan asked to go back in the water : 9
number of people our new tent holds : 6

Here are the photos + highlights from our day : Saturday, July 30, 2011 :

7 am : startled awake by hearing Parker jabbering away over the monitor. Last night was a rough night - not only was I restless and uncomfortable, but Morgan was in our room, twice, abruptly waking me up (read: crawling on me at 1am and turning on my nightstand lamp at 4:30am). She says "Maybe when I get a little bit older I will stay in my bed." Hmpf.

8 am : kids are both up watching Yo Gabba Gabba while I open the windows in the house. It's sunny and a beautiful 67 degrees outside. Mark gets up and I pull some cereal boxes out of the pantry and cut and pit a handful of cherries. Eat, talk about what we want to do today, and wait for my iced coffee to kick in. Check email and see our electric bill sitting in my inbox. Throw up a little bit in my mouth when I see the amount.

After a little cleaning and shuffling, I cut the tags off the new fall clothes we bought the kids last night from Carters and GAP while Parker plays Morgan's Dora guitar and Morgan colors at the kitchen table, donning her new princess crown. Shower. Wish I was still laying in our unmade bed.

11 am : Morgan and I leave for Busch's for our weekly grocery shopping trip. Parker blows me his first kiss. Aww! Mark said he was pretty upset about us leaving and naps shortly after. Morgan eats her usual 3 plain donut holes while we buzz up and down the aisles singing Wizard of Oz songs.

noon : Mark grills hot dogs for lunch while I unpack the groceries. Pull out a bag of Sunchips, root beer for Mark and I, and yogurt for Morgan.

1 pm : ice cream cones on the back patio - black cherry for Morgan and I, caramel deer tracks for Mark. We decide to go to the beach after Parker wakes up and start filling water bottles and snack bags. FedEx arrives with a huge box - our new Marmot 6-person tent and Therm-a-rest sleeping pads. Mark is giddy and opens the box right away!

2:30 pm : Parker is awake and eats his lunch. The car is packed and we are on our way to Dodge #4 State Park on Cass Lake. The park and beach are super nice. We claimed some space in the sand and jumped in the water. Morgan loved being in the water and waves today!

5:30 pm : head back to the car and decide on picking up Thai food for dinner. Morgan falls asleep in the car. Wish I could do the same. Gang Garee (potato curry with chicken + tofu) for Mark and I. Tofu, rice and spring rolls for Morgan and Parker.

7 pm : we are all completely exhausted. I make another iced coffee to perk myself up and start picking up all of the mini disasters around the house.

7:40 pm : the nightly 'crickets' alarm goes off on my iPhone signaling that it's time to get the kids ready for bed. Ask Morgan to help me pick up her toys and she tells me I can do it myself. Oh. Really? Meltdowns 1 + 2 soon follow and Mark gets her ready for bed.

8:30 pm : the littles are in bed and Mark heads outside to set up the new tent. It's huge compared to the lil 2-person tent we used back in the day, but it's perfect for our family. And it's orange!

And that's about it for today. One more day! I'm going to miss reading everyone's blog posts about their day. I'm outta here now in hopes of printing off my journaling cards and maybe one or two of my daily title pages.

Good night!


  1. Oh dear...4 hours of sleep. Hopefully tonight is better! Love the pictures and the notes you wrote today =). I don't mean to sound stalker-ish, but I love reading what you are up to each day with the kiddies so it'll be sad to know tomorrow is the last day! =)

  2. Oh my, what a day! I really enjoy how you kept track of your day. I hope you manage to get some sleep today!

  3. Oh wow, only 4 hours of sleep! Your writing is full of emotions. I no sooner said awwwww, then I was saying oh oh. Little Miss Stinker. And I must say that Parker is looking more like his dad every day. :)