Monday, July 25, 2011

Week in the Life : Day One

photos taken : 113 (narrowed down to 76)
Morgan's wardrobe changes : 3
diapers changed : 6
loads of laundry : 2

Here are the photos + highlights of our day : Monday, July 25 2011 :
6:36 am : awake but still in bed. Listening to Parker talk to himself through the monitor - "hi, hi, hi, mama, hi." It is way early for him to be waking up. Give myself a pep talk to get up and get moving.

Morgan woke up as Mark was leaving just after 7. Everyone got to hug daddy goodbye, which does not happen very often. I got everyone dressed and Morgan watched Cat in the Hat on PBS while I finished getting myself together.

8 am : breakfast - Rice Chex and iced chai for me. Move some laundry around, clean up the kitchen, take the recycling out to the garage and prep for lunch.

9 am : check the weather. 73 degrees and cloudy. The kids are a little antsy so we get ready to go for a walk. Morgan tosses stones into a nearby river and we talk about why the bunnies run away when we get too close. When we get back home, I made blueberry banana 'loud juices' (smoothies) for Morgan and Parker, with a handful of mini Teddy Grahams.

10 am : Parker is down for his nap and I slap on a touch up coat of polish to my toes before Morgan and I read her library books - Curious George's First Day of School and Froggy Gets Dressed. She asks to get changed into her ballerina outfit after seeing it hanging dry in the laundry room. I say okay and she runs to her room looking for her slippers. Kristin calls and we make plans to meet at the zoo after lunch while Morgan colors and plays with some ballerina stickers I found in her stash.

11 am : sweep and mop the kitchen floor and Morgan wants to practice writing words. "How do you spell nailpolish? How do you spell toes? How do you spell Mommy?" Make a note to find some early reader books at the library this week. I can't believe how interested she has become in writing and learning to read! Start packing some water bottles and snacks for the zoo.

12:30 pm : Parker is awake and we eat a quick lunch - I have hummus and pretzel crisps with honeydew. Morgan has peanut butter and raisins on butterfly crackers with cucumbers and honeydew. Parker has hummus on a tortilla, honeydew and cheese. Morgan is over her ballerina outfit and only wants to wear undies. And Parker insists on wearing Morgan's cowgirl hat. We love to say "Yee-haw!" to him, just to hear him repeat it. I'm all about letting them do what makes them happy right now so we can get out of the house smiling.

1:30 pm : after getting everyone dressed, diapers changed, using the potty, putting on sunscreen, we are on our way to the zoo. I'm excited to see my sister and her boys. Walking the kids around the zoo is a good opportunity for us to catch up.

We saw as much as we could with frequent stops for water and snacks, and potty breaks. Of course I could have talked to Kristin all day long but we head back to our cars around 4:30. I'm feeling so grateful for being able to stay at home with Morgan and Parker. And getting to spend time with Kristin before she goes back to work/school in a few weeks. Otherwise, days like this would be few and far between.

5:00 pm : home for the zoo. Parker fell asleep in the car and I moved him to his crib to hopefully continue a brief nap. Morgan and I walked up to get the mail and she rode her bike around in the driveway. Mark called at 5:30 saying he was on his way home.

6:00 pm : Parker is awake and I start making dinner. Cutting broccoli, preheating the oven, boiling water for pasta. Mark gets home shortly after.

6:45 pm : after a few interruptions (such is life around here) dinner is on the table - ziti, broccoli and ciabatta rolls. Parker has two platefuls. :)

7 pm : I'm beat. Looking forward to sitting down soon. Mark plays with Morgan and Parker while I load the dishwasher (thank goodness for them!) and diffuse some meltdowns. Some nights we don't need a clock to know bedtime is approaching...

7:55 pm : I take Parker to his room with a sippy of milk. Fresh diaper and pajamas and we wave bye-bye outside before I close the blinds. Fan on, snuggle with blankey in the rocker while I read Goodnight Moon. Sing, hugs and kisses, and down for bed.

8:11 pm : ahhh! One down, one to go. Morgan gives goodnight hugs and kisses, potty and brushes her teeth (I love that she reminds us that she needs to do that before bed!) then off to bed with daddy.

8:30 pm : while a much-needed clay mask dries on my face, I browse the internet. Email, Facebook, Week in the Life message boards. 10 minutes are way up. Jump in the shower.

9:20 pm : start a load of laundry. I'm back in front of the computer as I unwind from the day. Uploading photos, checking blogs, yawning. Mark ordered our tent, camp chairs and sleeping pads for our camping trip next month.

11:08 pm : time to call it a night. Before going to bed I unload the dishwasher. One less thing to do in the morning...


  1. Wow, all that makes me tired. :) Looks like you're off to a good start. Gotta love all the pics.

  2. So funny that all of Morgans outfit changes were before the zoo..busy morning! Don't forget to document how she knew "lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!" after seeing Wizard of Oz only once...or maybe that's just me that was blown away from that!!!

  3. Love all the little things you documented! Diaper changes, outfit changes...should have done that! Can't wait to see it all come together!