Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week in the Life : Day Four

photos taken : 66 (narrowed down to 53)
number of times Morgan asked why? : 22
number of sippy cups in the fridge : 5

Here are the photos + highlights from our day : Thursday, July 28, 2011 :
5 am : We have a visitor. I feel Morgan climb between Mark and I in bed. We've had thunderstorms on and off all night so I wait until the 'loudness' subsides to move her back.

5:30 am : Mark beat me to it. He carries her back to bed.

6:15 am : alarm - snooze - alarm - snooze...

7 am : Mark leaves for work. I get up shortly after and get dressed, etc. I can hear Parker gabbing over the monitor just after 7:30. Morgan comes to our room and requests french toast again for breakfast. :)

8:40 am : everyone is dressed and breakfast is on the table. I made my first iced coffee, complete with sweetened condensed milk and half + half just like the recipe says, and it is wonderful (and naughty!)

9 am : the kitchen is a disaster but everyone has full happy bellies (my favorite!) I turn on Sesame Street for Morgan and Parker, get the newspaper out of the driveway before it's soaked, make up a quick game for Morgan and Parker to play with their Little People, then get started in the kitchen. Parker is whiny - I try to work faster.

10 am : my mom arrives to visit for the day! I am still scrambling around the house a bit (and invite her to follow/chase me) while I pack up to go to the last library storytime of the summer.

11 am : the four of us go to storytime at the pavilion in downtown Farmington. Today's theme is the jungle, along with the usual singing, dancing and jumping. Playtime afterwards is brief because Parker is yawning and rubbing his eyes. We dash through the drive-thru at "Old McDonald's" (as Morgan calls it) for a very special treat.

noon : home and eat lunch. Parker naps. I clean up while my mom browses on Pinterest. We chat, share ideas and I show her what I've done so far with Parker's first year scrapbook while Morgan plays in the family room. Later we join Morgan for puzzles, books and pretending to nap under her blanket tent. Lots of "Grandma, you're too funny!" Plus, UPS drops off a box of 200 photos from Snapfish.

4:30 pm : Parker is awake and my mom leaves after Morgan thanks her about 100 times for coming over to her house and seeing her, for the M+M's, for the Hello Kitty bag, for going to storytime with us and on + on. Mom, did you ever think you were going to be able to get out of here? :) We play outside for a while. Our usual - get the mail, swings and bikes.

6 pm : simple dinner tonight. Mark is playing softball after work so it's just the three of us. Newman's Own Pizza + cherries. Morgan also asks for a yogurt tube. :)

7 pm : we all play in the family room - singing, rolling around and giving airplane rides. Morgan was very cooperative during clean-up and even thanked me for helping her.

8 pm : put Parker to bed while Morgan dresses her babies in pajamas. We share her evening apple, books, potty and then she brushes her teeth. While I tuck her into bed, she asks for me to tell her a story about Chuck the Snake (just some story I made up about a year ago. Mark has his own version called Marty the Moose). We talk about tomorrow being Friday and then Daddy gets to stay home for two days. "How about three days?" she asks. Mark walks in (good timing!) for goodnight hugs and kisses.

Mark got hit in the (surgically repaired ACL) knee with a ball during his game (they!) so he is wrapped in ice on the couch watching Wilfred. I'm going to have a small bowl of ice cream, start Parker's cloth diaper laundry and call it a night. 

I'm struggling to get to bed before 11pm this week, but it's been for a great cause! :) Not only have I been spending my evenings uploading, editing and blogging my photos, but I've been reading about how many of the other Week in the Life participants are spending their days. I've read tons of inspiring stories and seen so many great photo perspectives. In a way, this week has been full of focus - especially on things that are so routine and everyday. I'm paying more attention. Better attention. I'm noticing things from different angles. Like tonight, when I was picking up Parker's pizza mess on the floor after dinner, I saw Morgan's sweet little legs crossed under the table as she finished eating her yogurt. Melts my heart. These kids will never be this age again and I'm feeling incredibly lucky to be where I am at this point in my life.

Thank you so much for your kind comments this week. It means a lot to me! I can not wait to put this album together. Thank you Ali for this project. As ordinary as it may be, I will remember this week for a long time.

3 days to go!


  1. I can't get over the creative shots you are getting..Morgans legsunder the table, her on the swing, etc...awesome! I also hope my boys are as helpful and polite as Morgan. What an awesome traits you guys have instilled in her at such a young age..

  2. Thank you Morgan for a real fun day!

  3. Hi Nicole-
    I found your blog thru the list of Week in the Life participants on Ali's blog. I may come back often! I got some great organizing and scrapbooking ideas from browsing :). Had to comment here.....glad to see I'm not the only one with "made up" stories....I have been telling my now 7yo stories about "Big Yellow Fishy Named Bob" since he was Parker's age. He still asks for them every night.

  4. The cute feet under the table should be on a wall in your home! how cute and representitve of her age!

  5. I love the picture of your little girl on the swing! Beautiful! And the "under the table view" of her ballet slippers! So precious! Thank you for sharing :)