Sunday, July 24, 2011

'twas the night before a week in the life

and I got a late start at cleaning up after dinner. We ate outside after spending the afternoon at Highland State Recreation Area. Mediterranean Portobello Burgers and potato salad. And two mojitos for me! Mark and I sat outside and chatted while Morgan and Parker played. Before we knew it, it was 7:45 (and usually, time to get them ready for bed). Instead, they got their swimsuits back on and played in the pool for a while longer. Why not? They've been up later than normal the last three nights anyway.

On Friday, Mark was able to get out of work a little early and while it rained briefly, we packed a couple bags and got ready to go to the Ann Arbor Art Fair. The rain really cut down the humidity and the evening was perfect. We walked and walked and walked and ate and danced and ate. We browsed by a lot of artists, but actually only stepped foot inside one booth. I think I'm into the atmosphere and the busyness and the people watching more than the 'art'. :)

On Saturday, we spent the afternoon in Lansing with our friends Tim and Andrea for Brody's third birthday. What an amazing party! Despite the rain showers, all of the kids got to play in pools, on a slip and slide and inside a castle bounce house that Morgan says was her favorite part. I think riding in Brody's new motorized Jeep was a very close second.
That's the Cliffs Notes version of our weekend. Now, the kitchen is clean. The diapers are dry and folded. The swimsuits and towels are in the washer, getting ready for their next round of fun. Time to get a good night's sleep. The tripod is out. The camera battery is charged. The daily sheets have been printed. I'm ready to go! Prepare yourselves for random photos of my dirty dishes!

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  1. Sounds like a lot of summer loving. Speaking of loving, I LOVE the pic of Brody and Morgan in the Jeep! I'm rooting for your Week In A Life album. :)