Thursday, July 14, 2011

One Little Word : July

July's assignment for One Little Word was to create a playlist for our word. I love listening to music, and though I feel like I'm not up on all the current hits like I've been in years past, I still keep a playlist that I frequently turn to when I'm in the mood to jam. Or just chill out. The task was to find 9 songs that are meaningful to you right now.

I spent this week really listening to the lyrics of some of my go-to songs. It was somewhat inspiring and also a little depressing. Most of the music I like is quite dark, and angry. And I'm not an angry person! :) I enjoy just about everything except for country music, but most of my favorites are in the alternative, hard rock, or dance/pop/electronic genres. Not exactly happy-go-lucky tunes. I think when I hear a song I like it's because of the beat and the combination of the singing and instruments - not the specific lyrics. Must be the band geek in me...

After making a very long list of my favorite and most played songs from iTunes, I started looking up the lyrics on the internet. Out of 30+ songs, only 5 made the cut with lyrics that were appropriate and inspiring when I thought of my word, focus. This was going to be harder than I thought.

So I went back to iTunes and found a few more songs. Not necessarily favorites, but songs that I enjoyed and had lyrics that made me think about focus - even if I had to take the songwriter's words out of context. After all, there aren't many popular songs out there that include the word focus, and I was really trying to avoid finding random songs that didn't personally mean anything to me.

I finally got my 9 songs and got to work creating mini lyric canvases to go on the back of June's assignment. I printed out Ali's pdf, trimmed the cards down to fit in the page protectors and did a mix of handwriting and letter stamps to write out my lyrics. Here was the result:
click to enlarge
My playlist includes :
1. Audioslave : Be Yourself
2. Will.I.Am : What I Am
3. Staind : Believe
4. Coldplay : We Never Change
5. Alexi Murdoch : All My Days
6. Coldplay : The Scientist
7. Incubus : I Miss You
8. Audioslave : Hypnotize
9. Jack Johnson : Better Together

On the right side of the 2-page spread, we were to use the Pink Paislee envelope style page protector and embellish the top section, then insert a burned CD of our 'soundtrack' in the bottom section. I labeled my CD, but I think I'm going to take Ali's suggestion and burn my CD at the end of the year when I may think of more songs to add.

And that's it! July is finished with plenty of time to spare. Like I mentioned earlier this week, I'm going to spend the next week preparing for A Week in the Life (which starts July 25 if you want to play along!). I'm going to do everything I can now to get ready so I stay motivated and excited about it, because, for me, finishing this project has proven to be my weak point.


  1. Being older, I am sometimes surprised to learn the lyrics to songs that I enjoy listening to. To me it's all about the rhythm. whoops!

  2. HA so true. Even though I may know the words to a song I often don't truly listen to what they are saying. Awesome project and something that will be very fun to look back on.

  3. ooh, i love this idea to include a cd mix in a scrapbook page! brilliant. am in love with that song.. let me know if you're burning extras.