Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hi, my name is

Morgan has known the alphabet for quite some time and shortly after mastering it, she became very interested in how to spell certain words. Stop and kick are long-time favorites. In the past few weeks now, she is all about writing letters and words. I bought her a preschool activity book at The Doll Hospital in Berkley to keep her busy when I'm making lunch and dinner, and she likes to sit at the table practicing her cutting skills, distinguishing between big and small, and finding objects that rhyme - then choosing a gold star sticker for the 'Look What I Did!' chart in the back of the book.

I also stumbled upon an incredible website called Preschool Palace and they have TONS of FREE printables for kids to practice their letters, numbers, colors, and so on. And there are curriculum programs with daily lesson plans. It's really awesome! I don't know if I'd go so far as to have a daily lesson plan just for Morgan, but I could totally see us incorporating some of these activities and crafts into our days and playing 'school' once September comes along. I'm on there nearly every day looking for new worksheets for Morgan because she wants more, more, more!
This week I found this caterpillar that she could color - like a color by numbers activity. I put a dash with the color crayon she needed for each number and she scribbled it in instantly. When she was done, she asked "What does this say?" (which I hear over and over and over every day!) pointing to the top of the sheet where it said "name". I told her that was the space where you write your name. "Do you want to write Morgan there?" I asked. She said "Sure!" So I helped her start - I said "M" and she wrote an M. Before I could say O, she was writing an O. R. G. A. N. "Morgan" she says after she finished. I about fell on the floor. I know she recognizes her name when she sees it. And she knows how to write the letters in her name. She just put it together all by her big girl self. Yeah Morgan!


  1. Love it. Farmington Public Schools better watch out (including anyone in the class of 2026). You go Morgan!

  2. Awesome! She is full of surprises. She's definitely going to keep everyone on their toes.