Tuesday, July 19, 2011

beach trip no. 3

So far this summer we've been to Lakeshore Park in Novi (on Walled Lake) and Pontiac Lake. Last Sunday we took a spur-of-the-moment trip to Island Lake Recreation Area and we had a great time. The water temperature was tolerable (as it should be since it's been so damn hot around here) and it is awesome to see both Morgan and Parker getting more comfortable and adventurous in the water. The sand wasn't very sandy, but they didn't care! The messier, the better. Here are the photos I took on my phone:
These unplanned trips end up being so much fun! And Morgan is getting the cutest little 'kini tan lines! Daddy doesn't think it's so cute. Haha, you just wait, Mark!

I have a brainful of randomness I may try to share this week, just stuff going on around here. A Week in the Life begins next Monday and I'm trying to psych myself up for daily blogging again. Yeah!

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  1. EVery girl loves their 'kini lines =). Cute pics!!