Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Parker : twelve months

Really Parker? One year old already? I know everyone says this, but seriously, how did this happen so quickly? Here is the latest and greatest on Parker:
understands no - sometimes he listens, sometimes he just smiles or laughs.

is enjoying books more again. Parker loves the texture of 'touch and feel' type books.

This one is for you Aunt Kristin ;) - Parker is sleeping great! 10-11 hours at night and 4 hours of naps during the day. We've had a few one nap days but I think he is going to be a two-naps-a-day kid for a while.
can easily reach the kitchen table top and stands on his tiptoes to reach higher/further. I'm always pushing things inward these days.

'talks' a lot and started making L sounds - lalalalalalalala! He also started pointing and grunting. No real words really - other than mama and dada. We have heard a few uh-oh's though.

pushes our hand away if we linger too long while putting food in front of him. :)
and speaking of eating, Parker eats and eats and eats. And he's eating what we eat. Baby food is long gone now. He is often the last person at the table. Not because he is slow, but because he is still eating, and looking for more. Morgan is a pretty good eater but he always eats at least as much as her. And then some. Is this a boy thing?

still has 5 teeth, but by the looks of his gums, and the constant drool, he is working on 4 more top teeth.

is playing a ton! Parker has started stacking blocks and cups and is starting to follow directions, like push the button, put the ball here, can I have a kiss? This month he started pushing/driving his toy cars around and buzzing his lips, making motor sounds. He also thinks it's funny to lay on the floor and play 'night, night'. Parker got a lot of great interactive toys for his birthday that he loves to play with.
likes to head butt.

can climb onto the couch. And the coffee table.
has become much more cranky and whiny, which is very noticeable considering he was never a cranky, whiny baby. Welcome to toddlerhood.

LOVES to dance and play peek-a-boo. He covers his eyes with his hands or small blanket, or sometimes hides behind furniture until he hears 'where's Parker?'

gives wet, open mouthed kisses.

likes to toss things down from the highchair / stroller / cart. Just for fun.
loved his first trip to the splash pad at Heritage Park in Farmington Hills. I think we are going to be there a ton this summer.

still uses his left hand most of the time.

can stand from a squatting position and is walking a ton! Not full time, but at least half of the time.
Happy First Birthday Parker! What an incredible year we have had. I am beyond happy you are my son. I think you have truly completed our little family. You are an amazing little boy and it has been so exciting to see you and your personality develop. I am very lucky to have you in my life and we all love you so so much. Hope you have a super fun day, cutie pie!


  1. 1 is such a lovely age, although a lot of hard work. Enjoy it while you can!

  2. Yeah! Happy birthday Parker. I love the picture of him lying on the couch. He looks so old there!!

  3. The big number 1. Enjoy! Hope it was a happy day.

  4. Happy (Belated) Birthday Parker!
    You have turned out to be a super cute boy! :-)