Saturday, June 25, 2011

One Little Word : June

Our assignment this month for the One Little Word class was to reflect on our word while playing and getting messy. First we needed to pick a color and make mini canvases to fit in the 9 pocket page protectors - the same we used in February

Since I've been using a lot of green in my previous prompts, I chose a yellow-ish green for my color. Before I cut the canvases, which are truly mini at just 2 1/8" wide by 3 1/8" high, I printed a page from Leo Babauta's free e-book Focus. I found a page which was about focus, happiness and distraction. Perfect! I printed the page on kraft cardstock and cut out my 9 cards.

Now, getting messy. Deep breath. Unless I'm painting a chipboard embellishment, an album cover or the like, I don't pull out my scrapbooking paint very often. I love the artsy look on layouts I've seen with a little paint on it but I just haven't done it much. Here's my chance.

First, I put a watered down coat of white on most of the cards. You can kind of see the text peeking through the paint a little bit. After it dried, I pulled out some stamps - circles, dots, text - and a few rub-ons and other little embellishments to add to each card. Here is my final layout and a simple review, starting at the top left corner, of what is on each card:
1. I actually didn't use the text printed side on this card. I just flipped it over and started with a plain kraft background. I stamped a large dot stamp in Versamark, added UTEE and embossed. I painted a chipboard bracket black and glued it on, then painted green on the left side, over the embossed dots.

2. This card has many, many layers of things that I just didn't like. Paint, rub-ons and my handwriting were not coming together like I wanted. In the end, I added a thin layer of green over the whole card (and again, you can faintly see what it underneath it) and after it dried, I added a white Fontwerks circle rubon over the whole thing. As it turns out, I really like this little card now!

3. The only thing I added to this card after the white paint was part of a white tag that I painted green. I removed the white string and added a piece of blue/green baker's twine and stapled the tag to the card.

4. I painted the same stamp I used on card 1 with green paint and pressed it on the page. The paint was thin, so it ran and smudged quite a little bit. I was bummed at first, but just went with it and now I like the messiness of it.

5. For the middle card, I cut an old plastic American Crafts flower in half and used mini glue dots to adhere each half to the card. I used a black pen to make a thin outline on the remaining border.

6. This was another card I flipped over for the plain kraft background because I didn't like what was going on. I stamped this Limited Edition Danielle Johnson stamp on in black. I also stapled on the bottom portion of the leftover green tag from the above card and handwrote 'focus' on it.

7. I added a smidge of green paint on this card over the word 'focus' in the book page text. Then I added a mini kraft colored raffle ticket type tag from Jenni Bowlin (I think??). I circled Jun(e) and wrote in 2011 on the edge.

8. I painted a green border on this card and then added an old plastic clock embellishment from Heidi Swapp. I added two little tags that look like clock hands and a black brad to hold it together. Below I wrote 'my priorities, my time, my focus.'

9. I added a layer of green paint over the white and then stapled on a piece of Hambly transparency over the whole card. To finish it off, I glued on a little paper bird (which I don't have a source for?).

Phew, I'm glad we get a whole month to do these prompts. I loved the creative process involved with this one, but I did have a hard time getting started. Ali suggested adding a layer and little bits here and there, and then walk away for a while and come back with fresh eyes and that really worked for me. Like I mentioned above, there were a couple cards that I didn't like at all, but it was easy to flip the card and start over on the back. Or just add another layer of paint to the top and try again. My first run was far from perfect, and I moved many of the cards around after I was done, but I think the added layers are what made it fun and interesting. Plus it gave me more time to think about my word. My focus.

Thanks for looking, and reading!

Today: I have errands to run this morning - groceries, a return and dropping off a box of goodies to Once Upon a Child. I sold a few baby items this week on Craigslist and, slowly, I'm making my way through our guest bedroom that has become a bit of a catch-all after moving Parker into his new bedroom. Mark thinks I get a high from purging unwanted/unneeded stuff. I think he's right. The extra spending money is nice too. This afternoon, we plan on going to the Ann Arbor Summer Festival. I am very much looking forward to some sun and family time, that's for sure.

Next week: I plan on sharing our summer fun idea list and a post about what I've done to help us get out of the house fast for last-minute fun-in-the-sun. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love your work! Including the color choices. I always thought projects like this looked like fun; but not as easy as one might think.

  2. Love all the yellow hues! Loved reading you summer posts too...July is here and with it the days seem to step up their busy-ness. Need to remember to breathe!!