Thursday, June 2, 2011

flashback video : that smile

Are you sick of all the videos yet? Yes? Ok, this is the last one for a while. Sorry, but this is my best attempt at a blog post this week.

The best way to capture that goofy, squinty-eyed smile that Parker has is in a video. This one is from April. Warning: he also lets out a few ear-piercing squeals at the end. Watch your volume :)

Today: our crazy busy week is continuing with gusto. We had a fantastic Memorial weekend. The highlights included a super fun bbq, a parade, a bike ride, ice cream and our first trip to the splash pad. Parker is moved into his new, but not completely decorated, bedroom. The patio furniture is out and we've started laying landscape fabric and mulch. The weeds are crispy and the ants are ticked. It looks like Christmas in our guest room - just as it should when you've been collecting gifts for two birthday kids. Morgan got a mani and a pedi and she is pretty obsessed about it not chipping off. The weather has been just about perfect, so my goal for the week has been to find a happy balance between keeping Morgan and Parker occupied and happy, and getting their party stuff ready. We are doing pretty well with that. The pinwheel cupcake toppers are made, the napkins and silverware are wrapped, and the streamers are cut (thank you for your help Mark). The grocery list is made and tonight, we have gifts to wrap. I'm really excited to see how this all comes together.


  1. Busy busy week for you =). Can't wait for the party!! See you and the birthday kids on Saturday.

  2. I love that smiley face! You sure have been busy. Love the fact that you worked in a mani and pedi for Morgan. See you tomorrow.