Monday, June 27, 2011

first summer weekend review

We had a fantastic weekend - complete with sun, sand, water, lots of music, lots of waiting and a couple of incredibly well behaved kids.

On Saturday, Mark and I took the kids to Ann Arbor for their Summer Festival. Our first stop was to see Amococo - an amazing luminarium (or puffy tent as we described to Morgan). You can read more about it here and here. When we got to the site, the line was long but I didn't realize how slow it would move. Our marking at the end of the line was a 2-hour wait. Phew! We really wanted to go in and see it, and it was a beautiful day. The best we could do was wait in line and see if we (and especially Morgan and Parker) could tolerate the wait. If worse came to worse, we'd just get out of line and find another attraction. They exceeded my expectations and were incredibly patient. Luckily, there was a lot of space to run around and play, and then come back in line for drinks and snacks. Just over two hours later, we were taking off our shoes and listening to the rules of being inside Amococo.

Morgan and Parker loved it. Lots of oohs and aahs while we wandered through the domes, talked about all the colors and light, and gazed up into the oculus. It was so fun to watch their faces and so worth the wait.

Afterwards we got some dinner and went back to the Top of the Park to walk around. We stopped at the Rackham stage to watch Funktion perform - and they were awesome! We ended up staying there the rest of the night and let the kids run around and dance until they were completely worn out.

On Sunday, after sleeping in until 8:30 (which is unheard of in this house), we spent much of our day around the house. Mark did a ton of work inside and out, and after Parker's nap we went to Lakeshore Park in Novi. It's nice and close to home (and easy to get to if we just want to make a quick trip to play in the water) so we decided to get a pass for the year. This is also the same park that Mark mountain bikes at quite often, so it was a no-brainer.

The lake was still a bit chilly but we did spend some time in the water. We played a lot in the sand and Morgan was not happy about leaving to go home for dinner. After grilling and eating dinner outside, we ate popsicles in the grass, threw the kids in the bathtub and got them ready for bed. And then we crashed ourselves!

We had such a fun weekend and I imagine much of our summer is going to be just as exciting! More on that coming up...


  1. The Amococo is amazing. I can understand why you said the wait was worth it. So happy you and the family had such a fun summer weekend.

  2. I love Parker dancing. Too cute! Looks like you all had a fun fun weekend. I cant wait until our boys are old enoug to enjoy things like that