Saturday, May 7, 2011

Parker: eleven months

doesn't like when we go into his bedroom and I close the door and blinds. Like he knows it's time to take a nap.

is officially getting into everything. Parker figured out how to get into the kitchen cabinets and loves digging in the drawer under the stove and in the recycling bin under the sink. He is not a fan of the childproof latches.

loves playing at the library and watching the other kids.
says 'yeah', often in context. "Parker, are you hungry? Yeah. Do you want more? Yeah."

loves being out and about. Stanger anxiety hasn't really seemed to hit him. He smiles at everyone! His sister on the other hand...

likes to walk on his hands and feet, no knees.
loves to chase, be chased and tickled.

laughs easily and a lot.

stands well on his own. And often. He even took his first steps last week!
Teeth #4 and #5 (his two top teeth) finally came in.

devours whatever food is in front of him and acts like he hasn't eaten in days. Parker is pretty much done with baby food and will gladly eat whatever we are eating. And more.

exclaims "ahhh!" after drinking water. He also likes to sneak milk from Morgan's sippy cup!
uses his forearm to catch food that didn't quite make it into his mouth. Must always remember to roll up his sleeves before eating.

squints his eyes tight when he's falling asleep.

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  1. Awww, he is so sweet, it is really such a special time.

  2. What a cutie. Can't believe he's so close to being 1!

  3. He is such a happy go lucky baby! Can't help but smile when he does.