Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One Little Word : May

Our May prompt for Ali Edwards One Little Word class was to create a to-do list. Rock on! You know I love my lists. 

Back in January, completely unrelated to this class or any other project, instead of resolutions, I made 12 lists - January through December, so I could keep running to-do lists for myself and what I wanted to accomplish each month. I included tasks as simple as reminding myself to backup my laptop, to other more involved projects like my monthly One Little Word assignment, creating a weekly dinner planner, purging iPhoto, making Parker's art canvas for his room and finishing my December Daily album. Some of them, unknowingly, were 'focus' related - organizing and simplifying our home, creating 'me' time, spending quality time with my family - so looking back on the year so far, and looking ahead to what else I wanted to accomplish, was quite easy.
click to enlarge if you'd like to read the details
Ali created templates that we could print and fill out our to-do lists and just slip them into the page protectors. The hardest part for me was figuring out which projects to include. :) So, I printed two templates so I had room for 10, instead of 5. Actually, I have space for 2 more. It's all still a work in progress.
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The numbers are American Crafts Thickers (white, foam, Rockabye) from the same set I used on my pre-class assignment. Love the little bits that are keeping this album consistent yet simple.
The 5x7 page protector, which is part of the back of April's letter to myself, was for a simple piece of patterned paper + embellishment (or a photo, I suppose). I had an old old old Harley-Davidson magazine ad I tore out years ago (and kept, and remembered where it was at...go figure) that was basically a list of things you should do (and not do). Perfect little piece of ephemera for this month.

Fellow OLW classmates, my photos are in the Big Picture Classes gallery. How are you doing with the May prompt? I'm giddy to see what Ali has up her sleeve for June. Can't believe we're going to be halfway through the year soon...

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  1. Love your layouts for this month! I love Thickers...simple, but stunning! I'm really enjoying the OLW journey.