Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Morgan was here (and more)

As Morgan's independent play time increases, I've been noticing a lot more of these little 'scenes' around our house. I love seeing this evidence of her creative and imaginative mind at work. This collection of photos would make a fantastic scrapbook layout.
"mommy, look, I made a peacock!"
monkey is ready for lunch
drawing people on her magnadoodle is sleeping
legos and the remains of a snack
pretty new sandals - lined up perfectly. That's my girl!
Today: I got an early start before the kids wake up (they are actually still both sleeping!) - shower + coffee + quiet. Ahh! Can we all make this a habit, please?

I am loving that it is a week of visitors. Kristin got out of the house yesterday with the boys and visited for much of the day (all by herself, which is completely amazing to me because there are days that I don't like to haul my little ones around alone). They will be 7 weeks old tomorrow (already?) and are so damn sweet - I love seeing that they are more alert, noticing the differences between them and how much Parker and (especially) Morgan love them. Of course, Parker just wanted to tackle them and play (soon, Parker, soon) and Morgan was the nurturing one - asking to cover them in blankets, offering toys to play with and rocking the carseats while Aunt Kristin finished packing up their bags. Adorable! Today, Grandma Frahm is coming over and we've got guacamole and magic bars waiting (well, not to be eaten together, of course). Very much looking forward to chatting and catching up with my mama. It seems our visits are never often or long enough so I will be soaking this all in.

Have you noticed I've been a little blah on the blog front lately? I can't explain it other than I'm burnt out. Ever feel that way, bloggers? It's not due to lack of things to write about, that's for sure. I have a list (naturally) of post ideas but no ambition/interest to write + add photos / links + edit. Don't get me wrong, I love love love it (and I love all of you) but, some days it's a lot of work. So what does one do when they are in a funk? Take a break. I'll still be around, just not as frequent as I have in the past. I think some time to collect my thoughts and adjust my focus is just what I need. Oh, and a pedicure, which is already in the queue for Saturday.

I'll be back, full steam ahead, soon.


  1. A peacock? Are you serious? That's awesome. We had a great visit yesterday - hopefully we can make a habit of making visits like that. And maybe trips to the park when it decides to warm up and stop raining? Have fun with Gramms today!!!

  2. Love the pic's, especially the monkey. Sorry about the burn-out. Hopefully you won't be MIA for long.