Friday, May 27, 2011

M + P : party sneak peak : the final countdown

I am rainbow crazy over here and the party preparations are in full swing. Here is the condensed version of my to-do list for Morgan + Parker's birthday shindig in just over a week:
  • make pinwheel cupcake toppers
  • order balloons
  • make streamers
  • decorate party hats
  • finish gift shopping
  • wrap gifts
  • shop for party food
  • make cupcakes
  • prep party snacks
  • make frosting
  • frost cupcakes
  • decorate!
  • clean and straighten up the house, just enough, before we get to watch it get destroyed. :)
  • chill out + celebrate my sweet kiddies. I will, I will!
But first, we have a long holiday weekend to enjoy! Ours is planned to be filled with sun, yummy food, awesome friends, a parade and lots of American flags. Have a wonderful Memorial weekend.


  1. pinwheel cupacke toppers....yes! Need help with anything?

  2. Morgan will be in her glory with all the American flags she will see this weekend!!'. See you Sunday!!!