Monday, April 18, 2011

weekend rundown : in bullet form

  • We visited Kristin, Troy and the twins. They are adorable as ever but slept during our entire visit. I'm losing my touch too, because I couldn't tell them apart. Parker is crazy interested in his cousins and Morgan loved wrapping their stuffed monkeys in blankets, a la this post.
  • I test-rode some mountain bikes and finally made my pick. Mark picked up my new Specialized Myka FSR and I love it! He also found some shoes and clipless pedals on super-sale. I downloaded the iMapMyRide app to my iPhone and I'm ready to ride. If only this stupid weather would cooperate. I didn't do much more than ride around our neighborhood, practicing getting my feet in and out of the pedals. And getting used to a full suspension bike.
  • I completed my April prompt for One Little Word. Will share tomorrow.
  • I signed up for Shimelle's Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers online class, which starts today. Very excited about incorporating these two loves.
  • We've been eating out a lot. And eating a lot of ice cream. :)
  • I started going through my iPhoto library and deleting lots of old, bad and duplicate photos. I've got a lot of work to do. I haven't even made it through 2007 yet. It is an easy mindless project to work on in front of the boob tube though.
  • We lost our power as we were sitting down to eat breakfast Sunday morning. It's April and I think this is the second or third time this year that we've lost power for more than a couple minutes. It's so annoying! Mark reported the outage, and apparently our neighborhood is a pretty high priority because our electricity is lost so often, for no known reason. So, we ate and hit the road for a couple hours.
  • To Target! We snagged free reusable bags, in honor for Earth Day, with our purchase which included a new water bottle for me, pretty sandals for Morgan, and some delish Method hand + dish soap in a limited edition scent, Lemon Mint. So spring-y!
  • Spaghetti dinner for four, which turned into baths for two. Parker inhaled it!
  • After I got Parker to bed, I walked into the living room to find Mark and Morgan watching my most favorite movie, The Wizard of Oz. She was really into it and was asking all kinds of questions. "What's her name? Is that house flying? What's his name? Ohhh, is she is a queen? Who are they? What are they doing? Where are they going? Hey, trees don't talk! Is it snowing? Who is that? Does the witch have a crystal ball?" I love it!!
This week: I'm glad we had some outdoor fun last week because the weather this week doesn't look promising. I've got a couple little projects up my sleeve, including an A-Z photo display for the kids, and beginning to plan and decorate Parker's permanent bedroom. Plus, dying Easter eggs and filling baskets. I'm hoping for the slowest. week. ever.

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