Friday, April 8, 2011

Project: Simplify - Hot Spot #5: Linen Closet

I mentioned last week during my before and after post for our pantry and fridge that I was hoping the final hot spot was the bathroom. My wish was granted. Sort of.

Project: Simplify Hot Spot #5 was actually a freebie. Anything we wanted it to be! After I read that on Monday, I thought of all of the other places I could tackle. The craft cabinet, my computer files (and especially my photos), the laundry room. So much to declutter, so little time. Instead, I stuck with the bathroom and actually just narrowed it down to the linen closet in our main bathroom. As much as I dislike this bathroom, I love this big linen closet. But, it's so easy to just toss something in there and close the bifold doors. Here is the before of the top half (we like to hang our towels from the doors but I should have taken them down first before snapping the picture so you could really see behind them):
Plus there are three drawers below. The top is first aid stuff:
The middle drawer is full of rags:
And the bottom drawer holds my seldom used hairdryer, curling iron, straightener, etc:
One shelf at a time, I emptied the contents of the linen closet. I tossed the old, unused and practically empty bottles and put like items together. I worked quick, quick, quick because this really isn't a room I could leave 'in-progress.' Here is the after:
The top shelf is full of toilet paper, kleenex, QTips and cotton balls, my travel toiletries bag and trial size bottles.

The second shelf is all of our cleaning supplies and lightbulbs.

The third shelf is personal care items, plus sunscreen and aloe, my nailpolish and supplies.

The bottom shelf holds our towels, the kids bath toys and their soap, bubble bath and shampoo. My biggest sore spot in the linen closet was the older towels. For some reason, I can't let go of them. Don't ask me why. We have some old bath towels that Morgan likes to use as water (the blue ones) and snow (the white ones) so, for now, I put them in the cabinet under the sink because it was empty and they'll be out of sight.

And the drawers, after:
30 minutes and done. And it's so much nicer to look at. Now I just need a better solution for hanging our bath towels besides on the doors.

Thanks for peeking! I'm excited to see what area everyone else chose. I'm also a little relieved Project: Simplify is over. I love the results that have come from all of the purging and organizing the last 5 weeks, but I could use a little break. It's time to focus this energy on some other projects.

Have a fantastic weekend! I'll be spending much of mine with my sister and my nephews. I hope they haven't changed too much since I saw them a week ago.


  1. Omg. I am the exact same way with old towels. Nothing technically is wrong with them but I just can't get rid of them even after buying brand new ones. Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!

  2. I find that under the bathroom sink is the worst, yours is looking good though. Having two littles ones makes for lots of stuff some times, just wait for the teen years.