Thursday, April 7, 2011

Parker: ten months

It's been a busy month for Parker! Here's a bit of what went down:

knows how to flush the toilet and has a thing for hanging around the grossest places in the house. Blech!

learned how to wave and clap.
likes to climb into Morgan's bed and play with her stuffed animals, especially Foofa.

took his first trip of the year to the park and rode in a bucket swing. He was pretty jazzed to be swinging with his sister.

loves to practice walking and gets very upset when we stop. He gets a kick out of pushing Morgan's baby stroller around the house and is getting really good at it.
 got his first haircut. Damn, this kid is a stud!
LOTS of talking and jabbering - ba-ba, da-da, bob, ma-ma (finally!), and the beginning of some 'g' sounds - ga-ga, go, goo, and something that sounds like good.

makes big, snorty, squinty-eyed grins while tipping his head back. I still haven't been able to capture this in a photo.
loves to bang things together and seems particularly intrigued by things that spin. Especially wheels.

hates laying down to have his diaper changed.

looks up at the ceiling a lot and giggles like crazy when I blow on his neck.
enjoying a lot more table food, including hamburger, macaroni and cheese, bread and toast.

is miraculously sleeping so much better at night. Any wakings these days seem to be teething related, which are pretty easy to solve.

likes to practice using a spoon (or grabbing it while we are feeding him to do it himself).
loves 'talking' to Morgan (and she reciprocates!) and playing peek-a-boo with her around the cereal boxes during breakfast.

looks like he is galloping when he crawls, he is so fast!

is falling asleep on his own (and prefers it) but we still have a nap/bedtime routine that includes snuggling, dancing, and singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and Rock-a-bye Baby.
loves Super Why! Putting this show on is the only way Mark can get him to sit still long enough (and without a fight) to clip his fingernails.

has acquired these nicknames over the last few months: P, P-man, Parker-man, bub, little bub. And an occasional PT Cruiser. Ha, ha, get it? Parker Thomas. PT. :)

has one new bottom tooth. 3 teeth total plus swollen upper gums which means more are coming. The teething process around here is long and difficult.

I was a bit weepy last night as I nursed Parker before bed, looking at him and thinking about how much has changed, how much he has changed. It was a mixture of excitement for him and how much fun he is, and sadness that he isn't my little baby anymore. I'm going to have a breakdown in 2 months when he turns one. Happy 10 months, cutie pie!


  1. I love his new haircut. He is a total stud!
    Don't be sad for what has passed; be excited for what is to come! I can't believe that my baby is going to be in high school next year! HIGH SCHOOL. If I start to think back to her baby days I start to have a panic attack.

  2. Love this update. He is such a cutie and seeing him do that "head back cheesy smile" is priceless. Hopefully you can get that one on camera soon

  3. PT Cruiser--toooo cute! Hates having his diaper changed. Wonder if it's a boy thing. (His cousins aren't too happy about that either.) Also, your remark about his talking, didn't Morgan say Bob a lot too. Love the updates. BTW I think he's a stud too, especially when he has product in his hair. ha ha