Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One Little Word : March

Today, I wanted to share my final March One Little Word layout. I posted what last month's prompt was all about here, so I won't rehash it now. Layout-wise, one thing I changed was the location of the smaller inserts. I flipped them around so my 'action' could be read when the page protector is closed (which is how I'll keep it in the album).
outside with flap closed
inside with flap opened - click to enlarge and read the journaling
Overall, I think I did pretty good. 10:30pm probably would've been a goal that I could have achieved with more success, but I am happy that I at least created the habit. Yes, things come up, like household stuff, family emergencies, or just snuggling on the couch to watch a movie and enjoy a adult beverage. :) But, I have definitely had fewer cranky mornings. Unknowingly, the biggest help in me gaining more sleep was the fact that Parker decided he wanted to be a good sleeper too. Wow, what a difference that has made! 

Next step: waking a little earlier so I can workout in the morning before the kids wake up. Hmm...we'll see about that one. Swimsuit season is quickly approaching! Baby steps.

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  1. So happy that Parker is sleeping more throughout the night. Also love the equation at the end of your journaling. So true!