Friday, April 15, 2011


I think I've mentioned before how much Morgan is into imaginative and role play lately. She especially loves to play mommy + baby with her dolls and stuffed animals. Every day she diapers and dresses a select few and carries them around in her market basket or mini front carrier. And when she runs out of baby clothes, she grabs some of her own. As I type right now, her monkey is sitting next to me on the couch, dressed in Morgan's pajamas. Or she swaddles them in blankets or bathtowels or playsilks or rags - over and over and over. 'It's okay baby, I'm right here.' Their conversations are adorable. Or she'll collect a few of them, along with some pillows and blankets and put them down for a nap. So often, I hear her close her bedroom door behind her, then silence. Minutes later, she comes back out and announces that 'I need to be quiet. Bear and baby are sleeping!' She loves to play in her bedroom and I always kind of snicker to myself when I hear her slam her door shut (usually to make sure Parker doesn't follow her in). How old is she again? Do 2-year-olds really need privacy?

Not only does Morgan like to take care of her babies, but she is quite the teacher too. Most afternoons after lunch, the three of us will lay on the family room floor to play before Parker's afternoon nap. Getting Morgan to share with Parker can be a struggle sometimes, but lately, I almost always find her helping me 'teach' Parker. I love hearing her repeat to him 'Ball, Parker, bbb-aa-lllllll'. 'That's right Parker. That's a car. Cc-aaaa-rrrr.' It's so funny to hear her enunciate.

She is such a sweetheart. I could just sit and watch her play and pretend all day long. :)

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Too bad we didn't have pictures of her with the monkeys from Friday - another "mommy-moment"

  2. That entry is so adorable. Those moments are what you'll always remember. Precious.