Thursday, April 14, 2011

Field Trip : The Detroit Zoo

On Wednesday, I talked Mark into spending the afternoon enjoying the sunshine and taking Morgan and Parker to the zoo after lunch. I think he wanted to go bike shopping again, but he agreed. :)

Their favorites: The penguins. And the peacocks. As soon as Morgan heard them, she shouted "PEACOCKS!" and started making their screetchy call. Then she'd ask "Do I sound like a peacock or a monkey?" We sat on a bench nearby to rest and have a snack and a couple peacocks kept walking by, struting their stuff. Apparently, they like Nilla Wafers. Parker loved watching them get so close and walk by. Morgan also about peed herself when she saw the Dora and Diego banners advertising the 3D/4D show at their Wild Adventure Theater. And she went inside the prairie dog tunnel for the first time too!
Not-so-favorites: Morgan so badly wanted one of those rainbow unicorn suckers, but we told her no, not this time, it was too close to dinner. And the train isn't running yet - not until May. And the 'icy wall' in the polar bear exhibit isn't on yet. She loved that icy wall last year! Thank goodness she was beyond understanding about all of it. Sad, but understanding.

I'm loving this zoo membership! I'm especially loving that we don't feel pressured to see everything at every visit. There's always next time.


  1. We had a peacock steal a whole sandwich from us once. It was quite funny.
    I need you to help me remodel my blog. Yours looks great. Simple.

  2. @Sue : shut up! A whole sandwich? Thanks for the nice comment about the blog remod. I'd love to help you with yours!

  3. Love the pics. So happy the kids had a good time. The season pass was an awesome idea!!!