Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter recap

Since Grandma Goulding was here to visit us for part of the weekend, we celebrated Easter on Saturday. Morgan spotted some of her eggs while on her way to our bedroom in the morning so I tried to stall her as long as I could with some new toys. She really got a kick out of finding all of them with Daddy and Grandma while I started breakfast. The Easter bunny brought Morgan and Parker a great mix of candy, some of their favorite snacks and toys which kept them occupied for much of the day! I heard a lot of "Thank you, Easter Bunny!" this weekend.
Mark and his mom worked on getting our shower doors installed (yeah!) while the kids and I played outside. Mark and I also got a chance to take a bike ride. Not on the trails like I had hoped, because rain + dirt = mud, and it's frowned upon (or just plain not allowed) to ride and put ruts in dirt trails. Instead we took an 8 mile ride around town. I did pretty well, despite the big elevation changes, the crazy wind and my idiotic failure to release my foot from the clipless pedal, resulting in a very graceful fall. On concrete. I probably would have laughed my ass off if I saw someone do what I did. :) During our ride, we found a house for sale in my dream neighborhood and Mark was just as excited as I was to see a sign in the front yard. It must be a very new listing though because we can't find any details on it yet. Believe me, I'll be watching.

Just before dinner, I saw The Wizard of Oz was going to be on TV again and promptly hit 'record' for Morgan. I didn't expect her to watch it all that night, but she insisted and she loved it. I never would have guessed that would be her first movie, as opposed to something cartoon-y. Sunday was pretty quiet. Groceries, yardwork and some good old vegging out.

Today: there is no list of things to do, as I am hoping for a quiet, laid-back day with Morgan and Parker. Mark starts his new job today and boy, is he missed. Good luck babe! It's going to take a little while to get adjusted to being the only adult in the house for most of the day, so I have zero expectations. Other than playing, snacking, being silly and napping. The focus is being present and getting back into our routine rhythm.

This week: May is sneaking up on us already. I have some magazines to catch-up on, maybe starting a new book, lunch with a friend, week two of Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers, the library + Target, a craft activity for Morgan in honor of the royal wedding, and celebrating our own royal wedding. :)


  1. What a full weekend! How are the body parts doing after the fall?

  2. OMG -- a fall is not good. Hope you are okay. Sounds like you had a fun weekend and have a fun week ahead of you. Any anniversary plans?

  3. The fall wasn't horrible. I was completely stopped and forgot I was clipped in. My right hip and palm took the brunt of it and left me a little bruised. No biggie!

    Anniversary plans? Nothing for sure yet other than we plan on going out to dinner. :)