Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the beginning of the never-ending weekend

Saturday began Mark's 16 straight days at home before he begins his new job. We've been doing a lot of "what day is it?" lately. For once, I'm not minding losing track of time.
We've been keeping busy though. I spent Saturday with Kristin, Logan and Ellis. Reminiscing about those early newborn snuggly days and how time flies. Parker has been walking everything he can around the house. Mark hung the last of the drywall in our bathroom and applied mud coat #1. Grocery shopping. Belgian waffle breakfasts + Biggby Michigan Cherry coffee with dark chocolate creamer. Morgan has been a coloring fiend and has been showing a ton of interest in writing the alphabet. Thai food. Mark hung swings that his mom found on the branch of a tree in our front yard and Morgan and Parker love them. Target. We loaded the kids up in the Chariot bike trailer and took a 7-milk bike ride to Kevin and Erika's house. Easter basket shopping. Parker got his second haircut, this time from daddy. Afternoon treats at Sonic. Mountain bike shopping for me. $5 burgers and fries at The Emory. House and Parenthood. And it's only Tuesday.

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  1. Your Biggby coffee sounds awesome. How did the kids like the bike ride? I forgot to mention in my last comment that I LOVE your new header. Morgan's picture is priceless.