Monday, April 4, 2011


I had a great birthday weekend! Here's a little recap:

Friday: our washer was finally repaired. I started my first load before the repairmen even made it out of our driveway. Let the laundry marathon begin. We all visited my sister and the twins after dinner + Mark, Morgan and Parker got to see Logan and Ellis the first time. Morgan loved them - she was so gentle - holding, kissing and covering them with their blankies. She told us when we got in the car, "Aunt Kristin had the babies, so now she can pick me up!" Ha ha, like she's going to have a free arm to hold you, kiddo.

Saturday: I had a little me time in the morning and enjoyed a birthday macadamia coconut mocha from Caribou. I gave Morgan a glittery pedicure. I watched Ali's One Little Word chat on the big screen. I got an Edible Arrangement from my parents and lots of goodies from Mark. At night, we enjoyed a super yummy dinner at Katana in Royal Oak, then bumpy cake at Pronto, while my in-laws watched the kids. Thanks again, Linda and Jim!

This week: I have lots of plans - one last hot spot, a fun cupcake craft for Morgan, Parker turns 10 months old and Mark says good-bye to his current job. All of the good news I've been eluding to the last couple weeks has been because of a new job that Mark accepted at another architecture firm. I'm so proud of him and I still think it's super cool that a recruiter found him. Because he's that good! ;) What's even better is that he'll be taking two weeks off before he starts his new gig. Come on weather, perk up for us so we can have some outdoor family fun time.

Oh, and along with writing a few posts, you will begin to see some changes around here. I'm going to do some spring cleaning on the blog - lots of adding, condensing and rearranging. And a little deleting. I'm no web designer, so it won't happen overnight. It will be very gradual. So, just a heads up if you notice some things moving around!

Let's go, Monday!


  1. Sounds like you had a good weekend. That cake in the picture looks delectable! Glad you were able to visit. The boys look forward to many fun times with their cousins.

  2. I'm sure Aunt Kristin would enjoy some lovin from her niece.

    Your mocha from Caribou sounds awesome! So glad you had an enjoyable birthday.

    Special congradulations to Mark! You're not the only one proud of him.