Monday, March 14, 2011


Outside my window the sun is out, but it looks deceiving. There isn't much snow left in our yard and I hope it stays away.

I am thankful I didn't need to be anywhere this morning, or this week for that matter. It's going to take me a good week or more get used to this time change.

I am thinking about Mark's sketch and design for our backyard landscaping this spring. We ripped out virtually every plant last fall, so it's a clean slate. New block walls, new pathways, new plants and flowers are all part of the plans.

From the kitchen it's after 3pm and I'm just finishing cleaning up from lunch. Peanut butter and jelly, carrots and blueberry greek yogurt for me. Chickie Wickies, pretzels, berries and a yogurt tube for Morgan. Spinach, green bean and apple puree for Parker.

I am wearing a kelly green long sleeve t, a GAP hoodie I unearthed during last weeks closet clearout, jeans and Wigwam socks.

I am creating a weekly meal plan and grocery list spreadsheet because I am tired of the one I've been using. When you can't find one you love, do it yourself, right?

I am inspired to make lots of yummy homemade popsicles. I am crazy about this link my mom sent me, and the Zoku blog. Tons of great recipes!

I am going to step outside and see what 37 degrees feels like. I'm itching to fit exercise into our daily routine, even if it's a 20 minute walk through the neighborhood.

I am reading my favorite blogs thru bloglovin' now. And I love it! Mostly because it links you to the actual blog - you aren't just reading from a list. I'm thisclose to ditching Google Reader. Try it out if you use one!

I am remembering how fun it is to go to the Secretary of State. On a Saturday. Ha! This was my year to renew my license in person and damn, the place was packed. We have taken care of a lot of other boring, but very necessary tasks this month, like taxes and finally getting life insurance. I know. Bad. It feels good to have it taken care of now.

I am looking forward to lunch and pedicures with Kristin this weekend. I can't wait to have some girl and relaxation time with my sis.

I am hearing a lot of 'mama' from Parker the last 12 hours or so. He said it for the first time in the middle of the night. How come they say 'dada' so excited and happy and 'mama' is always sad and whiny? "ma-maaaaa..."

Around the house, we have a fireplace full of ashes. We burned the last of our firewood yesterday and I'm kinds sad about that. I need to sweep up the floor because bark is one of Parker's favorite snacks. Right now, Morgan is giving all of her stuffed animals haircuts and Parker is playing the drums. And I'm avoiding the mess in the kitchen.

Plans for this week: purging and organizing our paper clutter. Finally ordering a bedframe for Morgan. Working on installing and uninstalling programs onto my mac since I was able to upgrade to Snow Leopard last weekend, It's like having a new computer. :)

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