Monday, March 7, 2011

Parker: nine months

started crawling all fours, pulling up and cruising within a matter of a week! In the meantime, he's received more than his fair share of bumps and bruises.

so happy - smiles and laughs, a lot. He is ticklish too, especially his little feet.

blows raspberries all the time.

started making B and D sounds. Says da-da (of course), ba-ba, HI and waves!
climbs up on anything he can prop his knees on.

likes to hold his bottle when he's drinking it.

is going to need a haircut very very soon.

follows me around when I vacuum. Funny, because Morgan runs to the other side of the house because she hates any loud noise.
enjoys playing and exploring at the library. Loves watching the other kids.

loves to stand up in the bathtub, then splash back down. He gets really excited when he hears the faucet running in the bathroom and races to see if it's his turn for a bath. Parker likes to stand at the edge while the tub is filling up and reach his fingers under the running water.

likes to practice walking and has gotten brave a few times and lets go.

claps with one open hand and one closed fist.
had his first sled ride in the backyard with Morgan and Daddy and was pretty okay with it.

loves to eat, especially feeding himself. This month's favorites: tortillas, egg yolks, mum mums, oranges, shredded chicken, cheese, yogurt drops and cut-up grapes.

loves to drink water from his straw sippy cup.
is constantly moving and crawls fast! He is a boy on a mission and Morgan hates it. He's gonna be a chaser. Sometimes he crawls so fast that he topples over on his side or back. Slow down is not in Parker's vocabulary.

is mesmerized by fires in the fireplace.

after lots of whining, finally learned how to sit down from standing, and from crawling.

likes to sit on his knees and with his feet behind him.

Wow, kiddo. 9 months old! He is at my favorite age so far and is so so much fun. Parker's 9 month checkup is on Wednesday, so I'll share height and weight stats then.

Happy Monday! Don't forget to check out Hot Spot #1 for Project: Simplify. It's a good one! This morning, Parker had his first art project (ohhhh, messy!) and this afternoon, we're heading out to start collecting supplies for our craft cabinet. I wonder if that will be a Hot Spot in the coming weeks.


  1. ADORABLE. I just love his hair like that, and that smile is just something else! Can't get mad at a kid that smiles so much! Can't wait to see you guys soon, hopefully!

  2. Love the update. Love all the smiles! What a cutie.