Thursday, March 10, 2011

girls on trampolines

Last Saturday, Morgan and I went to the Farmington Public Schools Early Childhood Open House. Morgan technically wouldn't be ready for 'preschool' until September 2012, but we got a postcard in the mail and I was really interested in checking out the Alameda School that is super close to our house. Plus they have a very flexible 3's program that Morgan could participate in in the fall.

She didn't know what to think about 'going to school', as I don't think she remembers much now from her daycare days. Even when we visited her old school a few weeks ago, she was pretty shy and timid. Of course, all of her old teachers and friends wanted to hug and talk to her. But she was 'ready to go home'. Morgan says she wants to go to school but when I explain to her that mommy wouldn't stay with her, she gets a little freaked. I'm sure, just like any transition, she will get used to it and she would have a blast.
Morgan really enjoyed touring all of the classrooms, playing in the play kitchens and putting puzzles together. The 3's have a play-based curriculum and even the half-day schedule is packed with all kinds of fun and activity. One of my favorite parts was that they classes within their class - like going to the science lab, media center and gym. Oh, the gym! Morgan did not want to go home after visiting the gym. She LOVED the trampoline!


  1. Oh, too cute. I can't believe how long her hair is getting. I'm sure she'll love school. Another new thing to get familiar with.

  2. Very fun! She'll just love school I bet...and the trampoline!!?! I bet it was hard getting her off that!