Monday, February 28, 2011

welcoming Brynn and Tanner

Meet our niece, Brynn Erin Andrea Reaves:

and Tanner Robert Ness:
We had a great weekend in Lansing! I still think it's kinda crazy we know two babies that were born at the same hospital on the same day. They were each a week old on Saturday. Both babies are beautiful and their mamas are doing great. I forgot to grab our good camera, so I'll have to sneak some better pictures next time. Morgan LOVED to hold the babies. She was so gentle with them, whispering in her squeaky little voice about how cute and tiny they are and kissing their cheeks and foreheads. Parker was very interested in them too. Maybe because he thought they were one of Morgan's dolls and he wanted to gnaw on their toes.

It was a really nice time! Lots of snuggling and giving advice. Lots of good food and wine. Lots of chatting, catching up and angry birds. I'm already looking forward to seeing everyone again and watching Brynn and Tanner grow and change. I love that our friends and family have children that are so close in age to our own. It was fun to watch Tanner's big brother, Brody, play with Morgan too. Talking, chasing each other around the house, sliding down the stairs, and a whole lot of hugs and kisses. Woah, baby! It was so cute!

Congratulations again to Cortney + Nick and Andrea + Tim!

Today: I'm still in my pj's and trying to get motivated. At least the kids are freshly bathed and dressed. I'm excited for tomorrow. A new month and new things to do. I have some catching up to do on Facebook and will be getting a new One Little Word prompt. Guess I should go pretend to do something. I'm thinking another blanket and a stack of books to read to Morgan sounds good while Parker finishes up his nap. Bye, February!

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  1. Oh, those babies are so cute(and tiny). Glad Morgan got a chance to hold the babies; getting some experience before her other cousins are born. :)