Monday, February 7, 2011

Reaves family: 0, Sickies: 4

Yup, I got it now too. Whatever is floating around this house is now lodged snugly in my head. I woke up with a bad feeling Saturday morning and we ended up cancelling our Superbowl party in an effort to keep our guests well and healthy. Finger foods don't mix well with coughing and a house full of snotty tissues. Maybe it's just me, but I would have appreciated the same courtesy a couple weeks ago when I'm guessing all of this began. C'est la vie. Anywho, we will be planning another shin-dig in the coming weeks when everyone is 100% again - hopefully before my nephews are born!

Thank you for all your well wishes! Morgan is pretty much back to normal other than an occassional cough. And after a very lethargic, feverish day on Saturday, Parker seems to be on the up and up. He is smiling again (he thinks it's funny when I blow my nose) and is slowly regaining his appetite. Mark is getting better, but is now dealing with some big sinus pressure. Is it this stupid non-stop snow?

I spent the weekend trying to relax and trying to prep for a week alone with the kids. Stocking up on groceries, kleenex, tea, lemon and honey. Washing our bedding, disinfecting every hard surface I could find, washing my hands until they were raw. Who is supposed to take care of mommies when they are sick? I may not have liked it at first, but I did appreciate Mark's orders to 'sit down!' once or twice.

Today, we are doing nothing but being as lazy as possible. Lots of tea parties in the horizontal position, Nick Jr., and stalking the FedEx man because our phones are out for delivery. I about peed myself when Mark saw the FedEx Express truck drive into our subdivision this morning. And then right back out. They're coming, I know it! Later today I'll have a Parker post. He is 8 months old today. Holy frick!

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  1. Mine just arrived! I squealed and did a happy dance! For sure it will make you feel better :)
    I hope the ickies pass quickly. It's not fun to be sick.