Monday, February 7, 2011

Parker: eight months

gives super sloppy open mouth kisses and attempts the occassional hicky.

likes to stand on the footrest of his highchair to reach across the table (and grab things he shouldn't have). He is very antsy sitting at the table (unless he is eating) and we are constantly telling him to sit down. Being buckled in is not an option anymore.

smiles when the kitchen faucet is running. I think he thinks he is getting a bath.

crawls around or over obstacles to get to what/where he wants. He can get pretty much anywhere he wants in the house, even a level change.
while nursing: Parker sits up when he's finished, started biting (omg, thank god that didn't last long!), and likes to pull his socks off and put his stinky little feet in my face. Parker has started nuzzling his nose into my shoulder and tugging on my shirt when he's hungry.

has quite an appetite! Parker will eat up to 4 cubes (think ice cube size) of food, plus a little cereal, at each meal. He's really not crazy about avocado anymore but I can put a little applesauce in just about anything if he's showing disinterest in eating. Parker also LOVES Cheerios. He gets excited at the sight of that yellow box. By the end of this month, he really prefers to feed himself. Chicken, ground turkey, peas, corn, beans, cut-up grapes, shredded cheese, pears,'s time for more finger foods.

maxxed out his infant carrier and is now an official big boy and rides in a convertible car seat.

can be very physical! Parker isn't afraid to push, pull or kick if he is not getting his way.

loves our morning music time. We've been working on clapping. Lots of Bingo, If You're Happy and You Know It, and Patty Cake.
when we look in the mirror, he recognizes us (mommy or daddy), looks at us, then back in the mirror and smiles. He doesn't seem to recognize himself yet. He does like to touch the other baby though.

squeezes his fist like he is trying to wave (or sign 'milk'?). Also (unknowingly) raises his arms like the Heisman pose. :)

has ticklish hips and loves peekaboo.

has become very snuggly when he is sleepy. He usually doesn't fight me or push like he used to. Usually.

finally learned how comfortable it is to sleep on his belly. Now if only he could stay asleep a little longer.

I cannot believe you are already 8 months old, Parker! So many changes and so quickly I'm seeing my baby become a little boy. Makes me sad, but at the same time, very excited to see what is in store for you in the coming months. And our family of four in the coming years.


  1. He must have gotten his love for Cheerios from his gramm, ha ha. Glad everyone is feeling better! Loved the update.

  2. Gotta love the extra smiley little boy -- even if he is good at giving open kisses and the occasional hicky. You just gotta smile when you see him with such a huge grin!