Friday, February 25, 2011

One Little Word: February

February's One Little Word prompt was to look for our word in the world and take photos which represent it. After choosing 9, (which go on the backside of part two of our January prompt), I placed them in a layered Photoshop template that Ali provided. This was my first finished attempt at a digital scrapbook page (if you want to call it that, it's just photos) and I'm hooked. It really was fun adjusting the sizes and masking the images so just the right parts peeked through the template. And I did it all in under an hour. Not bad for a newbie. Here's a little description on why I chose each photo. Starting at the top left:

1. FOCUS on being present.
2. FOCUS on making healthy choices.
3. FOCUS on my goals + to-do's.
4. FOCUS on love.
5. FOCUS quote
6. FOCUS on what's important.
7. FOCUS on being the best mommy I can be.
8. FOCUS on me time.
9. FOCUS on productivity.

The easy part of this project, other than there is no journaling, is I just need to have this one page developed. No cropping down 4x6's hoping I was zoomed in (or out) enough. Then I'll just cut out each mini 2x3-ish photo and insert them into the page protector. I'm still deciding if I'll keep that see-thru section on the front side empty or not.

Next Tuesday, we get our March prompt and I am proud to say I'm staying caught up and I'm ready!

Today: I'm tackling an endless to-do list before our busy weekend. I had the bright idea to lay on our new living room rug last night with Morgan and, big shocker, fell asleep. So everything I was hoping to do last night got pushed to today. Morgan has been very busy running around the house in her underwear (this girl will not stay dressed!), with her stuffed monkey on her back, going on an adventure. We've been building forts and tunnels and lounging around in the water (blue towels). And Parker is doing a very good job of tearing it all down and getting into things he shouldn't. He's making his sister very happy. Next week, I hope to share my December Daily, another favorite recipe, and a new project you might like to join me in. Have a great weekend!


  1. Looking forward to the recipe and your new project idea!

  2. Love your photos for the word FOCUS. It is also my OLW and I am still working on my photos!

    Great job! Thank you for sharing!