Tuesday, February 15, 2011

marshmellow love

Yesterday morning, I thought up a quick and simple Valentine's craft project for Morgan to work on before lunch. All we needed was red construction paper, white glue and mini marshmellows.
I typed LOVE in Word and printed it on the red construction paper. You could just as easily write the word on the paper too.

I gave Morgan a bowl of marshmellows and she recited the letters as I traced them in glue.

Then she covered the letters in marshmellows. She would stick about 4 or 5 down, then sneak one into her mouth. :) Eh, I guess that's what I get for doing activities with food.

As the glue was drying, we talked about the word Love and I asked her who she loves. 'Mommy, Morgan, Daddy, Parker' was her initial response. I love that she loves herself!

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