Thursday, February 24, 2011

Field Trip: Library

After lunch yesterday, I got Morgan and Parker out of the house for a little bit and we took a trip to the Farmington Hills Library. It's the newer of the two libraries in town and it's literally just around the corner. The entire lower level is for kids - full of books, play areas, computers, sensory areas. Even a 'crawling babies only' section for Parker to practice crawling, pulling up and cruising with lots of cushion for his falls. If there is something nearby for him to prop his foot on, he is trying to climb too! Eck!

They both had a blast! As long as the mood is right, I'm going to try to get them over there once a week now that Parker can play too. I'm really looking forward to the library's weekly storytime in the pavillion downtown this summer. Remember how much Morgan loved it last year?

Today: we are waiting for Parker to wake up from his morning nap so we can meet daddy for lunch. I finished my February prompt for One Little Word last night, so I need to share that. I also have 4 days to wrap up on my December Daily album before my self-imposed end-of-February deadline. Damn you, February and your 28 days. I think I might need a little more time. I was hoping to photograph it today, but that's not going to happen. This weekend, we will be going to Lansing to visit family and friends, and meet 2 brand-new babies, Brynn and Tanner. They share a birthday! I'll show them off next week. Oh, and more snow. Great.


  1. Awesome -- sounds like a fun few days. Can't wait to hear about how the new babies in Lansing are doing too! =)

  2. Look at that boy go!
    I have Girl Scout cookies for you. Let me know when you want to get them :)

  3. Look out world....Parker is on the move. (tee hee) I'm so glad they had an enjoyable time at the library.