Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Facebook-less February

Last month, I finished reading a free e-book called Focus by Leo Babauta. He also writes the Zen Habits blog and a book called The Power of Less, which is also great. Anyways, Focus is mostly about blocking out the distractions of TV, email and the internet, but overall has great ideas for identifying what is important to you and getting things done. I, for one, know I am easily tempted by the internet. Particularly Facebook and my Google Reader. In the last few weeks I've cut my Google Reader subscriptions down by a third - leaving my long time favorite blogs and those written by people I know.

Facebook is a toughie. It's easy to just log on, check the most recent updates, make a few comments or 'likes', and get off. Except I was doing that way more than I needed to. Most days I'm more annoyed by it and am quickly falling out of love.

So, for the month of February, I am challenging myself to disconnect from Facebook. I realize I'm going to miss up-to-the-minute news on a couple of births and the like, but I'm really okay with that. For one month, I'm going to let go of the need to feel constantly updated. So far, so good. Besides, I have a new phone to play with!


  1. Just wait until you decide to get facebook updates on that cool new phone!! It's very hard to stay of it then - unless you never put it on your phone - which might be best. Although with my new non-smartphone it's sad being stuck in traffic and having nothing to pass time!

  2. Ha, yeah, I know. I haven't even put the facebook app on my phone yet for that reason. Too tempting. :) You aren't going to be stuck in traffic for long, sis!