Wednesday, February 9, 2011

bragging rights

After Christmas, when I was uploading the photos I wanted to develop for my December Daily album, I was reminded for the hundredth time (by myself) that I've been a bad granddaughter and hadn't stayed on top of sending my grandparents any photos of the kids in 2010. Especially after Parker was born. I had an idea.
I started going through iPhoto and began choosing all of my favorite pictures of Morgan and Parker to upload and develop. I stopped around 50 and thought I better find a photo album first to see how many slots I needed to fill. I found some simple, but sturdy 60-photo brag book style albums at Joann's and bought enough for all of Morgan and Parker's grandparents and great-grandparents. 360 photos later, I had some work to do.

During two afternoon naps I filled each album, mass production style. From Morgan's spring school photo, Easter, Morgan's birthday, Parker's birth, our summer, Halloween and Christmas and everything in between. Wow, they have both changed so much. The cover of the album is transparent, so I made the first interior page as a cover/title page. I really like how it turned out and how you can see through it.
These are a few of my favorites from the favorites:
I'm feeling like a better granddaughter now. Perhaps even 'caught up'. I know both my Grandma and Grandpa love their albums and my mom has already requested an annual best-of album for the next 17 years. Will do, mom! I may need a reminder around the holidays though. :)

Do you send photos or photo gifts of your children to your extended family? Any other ideas?


  1. Wonderful idea sis! I know that when I saw Grandmas, mom told me to keep something like that in mind to do myself =)

  2. Best idea ever. I love it! Easy and complete. Glad you remembered my comment Kristin. :)

  3. Hi - I love this idea! But you have the grandparents bragging rights posted twice. I tried to click on 'pregnancy survival kit' and it brought me to this page instead. Can't find the right link for 'pregnancy survival kit' on your site. Just thought I'd let you know. I really like your blog! :))

  4. Thank you Daisy, you are absolutely right! I think I've fixed it now, but here is the link to the pregnancy survival kit :