Monday, January 10, 2011

this morning

  • Parker is still sleeping. Happy he slept well last night despite being sick.
  • Morgan and I ate breakfast together. Mallow Oats and a banana for her. Peanut butter on a bagel and coffee for me. I'm geeked about trying the Chai and Almond Joy creamer I picked up yesterday.
  • It's 19 degrees outside. Brr...
  • I bagged up some baby food cubes for Parker. Apple-pear. In the freezer next will be sweet potato-carrot-pea.
  • This is the 5th morning Morgan has decided she wanted to wear undies instead of a diaper. She's been wearing them all day every day except for when she sleeps. So far so good. I'm hoping this round of potty training sticks. She's doing great!
  • I am embracing that she insists on not wearing pants or socks lately. She's more comfy without pants I guess. It's easier to use the potty too. I've asked if she is cold but she says her house keeps her warm (as I'm wearing three layers and 2 pairs of socks). And she won't wear socks (or keep them on for long) because I painted her toes last week and she can't see her nail polish with them on. True enough. I've learned to not sweat it either. It's not worth arguing about. Until we decide to leave the house.
  • Going to the post office and Target later.
  • I should clean up our mess on the kitchen table but think I will help Morgan build a Lincoln Logs barn instead.
Happy Monday!


  1. Way to go Morgan!!!! 5 days in a row?! She must want to wear her way cute undies from Grandma from Christmas! =)

  2. Congrads Morgan! We know you can do it.